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Mar 24, 2005


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who is camilla belle and why haven't the hot cops issued a warrant for her arrest, yet?

dude, even when uncle grambo is swamped with work, he still comes through and just destroys everything: his thoughts on the terri schiavo baby mama drama

i'd say something about this whole terri schiavo thing, but one, i don't think it's my place to get all political unless it's about fixing pot holes on the 5 freeway and secondly, i can't get a grasp for the situation because whenever i see anything about it on the news, it's usuallly, on cnn in the student union without the sound on. it's just a wee bit hard to get an idea on the situation while reading wolf blitzer lips and listening to lil scrappy at the same time.

related, why won't lil scrappy be my myspace friend? i don't post unnecessary bulletins about new pictures and what not; i might post a bulletin about extra work and that's about it.

i believe the only reason why i'm watching american idol this season is for the inevetable jokes by simon cowell: "you sing about as well as paula drives" and "mikalah, you're about as much fun as a sober pat o'brien at a christmas party" of course, paula will dump water on simon and storm off crying, ryan seacrest will say that it was uncalled for, all the while, randy jackson is hiding back his laughter, muttering something about how that was not cool, cowell.

if you haven't already made the trip to your favorite record store yet to pick up the new prefuse 73 album, "surrounded by silence," do it as soon as you finish reading this, okay. now don't go and download tracks off of acquisition or soulseek, just buy the damn album. if you don't have enough money, right now, then wait to you have enough, but just buy the thing. i mean, the album artwork has a nice shoot of some girl's boobies, so you know it's got that going on for it, besides being an excellent hip hop record. thump it in your car or work out with it on your ipod, just as long as you pay money for it. it's worth it.

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and finally, some may say to much my dismay "the oc" gets picked up for a third season. so please take a good luck at josch schwartz, because dude is one of the luckiest dudes around cause his show has been rather undelicious as of late, but i have hope. i'm giving it one more chance, but not ashtanti style.


At 10:12 AM , Blogger spencer said...

"why haven't the hot cops issued a warrant for her arrest, yet?"
now that is funny. bravo.

At 2:52 PM , Blogger Alexa said...

The OC is fabulous, its like 90210 but with better dialogue. I can't wait for tonights episode.

At 7:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lame duck pickup by Berman. But what the hell else is there to do on a Thursday?

At 5:28 PM , Anonymous Ed Neal said...

..so I'm watching Ms. Belle in her new film, "The Chumscrubbers", in which she is soooooooooo mesmerizing my body starts doin' Paula Abdul steps IN my seat...and ALL the ice in my 44 ouncer suddenly MELTS...

..man..and with the small amount of breath I have left..I creak out a very small whisper of..

'..good gawd..there oughta be a LAW.."..

a lady next to me pimpslaps me into the row behind me..and rasps..


I'm jus' sayin'....

Ed Neal "HitchHiker"
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre"


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