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Mar 22, 2005

human after all

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i've always been wondering what exactly happened to jordana brewster. she must've fled hollywood after the sheer, utter embarrasement of the fast and the furious and maybe cause she dated derek cheater for a smidge as well, but it's good to see her back on the scene, foxing things up. as for sara foster, i used to write poems about how much i didn't like her, then read 'em to my biology class before class. although, if it weren't for her, we'd be without maria menounos and you know how much of a bummer that would be.

i wish i could be going to the bloc party show tonight at the troub or the one last night at the glasshouse, probably chock full of sassy girls from riverside county, but alas, i'm in the midst of mid term madness and a majority of the classes are night classes. gallagher, i know, but life goes on. although, for as much as i want to see bloc party live, i honestly i think i just wanna check out girls. have a few beers and pretty much geek out over girls in cowboy boots.

the last thing about "spring break shark attack," anybody else notice shannon lucio's choice of footwear? cowboy boots, dude. i mean, if it's on tv and mary kate does it, then the hollister set will be hip to the whole thing right around summer time. cowboy boot tan lines, i will safely predict, not hot.

anybody else catch the last episode of "the osbournes" last night? can somebody please tell when kelly osbourne become the new elvira? the faux punk rock thing didn't work out, so now she's on some gothronica/i'm gonna say some poorly written one liners about my boobies tip? or is madonna, one of kelly osbourne's role models and much like madonna and gwen stefani, so she likes to reinvent herself constantly.

losing my edge returns to the blogosphere, of sorts.

n*e*r*d* breaks up, but the neptunes will continue to make bad records never the less. yeah, "drop like it's hot" was nice, but what happened? where are the super thugs and the gridin's? all we get nowadays are songs about skateboarding.

can the fine folks at fiji water set up me with an endorsement deal? i drink like three liters of water a day and it's becoming a bit too costly to maintain my lifestyle and drink all of this water. i mean, all of this water is why i still have this baby face. i have no problems with wearing goofy fiji water visors and t-shirts as long as i get weekly deleveries of fiji water to my house.

do you think that if anybody other than daft punk had made the album, "human after all," it would've been better received. like if u.s.e. had made the album, i think people would've liked it more. but here's the thing, the title says it all, daft punk is human after all and people do make bad art every now and then; it was bound to happen, sooner or later.


At 11:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to that Bloc Party show at the Glasshouse. Screw midterms next time around- I promise it will be worth it...

At 4:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i will dance to the answer in your honor tonight. then i'll get wasted for my honor.


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