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Mar 7, 2005

i'd really like to complain, but then...

boys and ghouls, i have to admint that my mind in the past 72 hours, well give or take about 70 hours, has been everywhere but the blogosphere, expect for when i was watching rehearsals for robin brown's latest opus, johnny benson's adventures in the blogosphere; i believe i'm working as a p.a. on the film, but i'm fighting for the credit, "blog consult" instead. it's just very bizzare and surreal to see the actor whose play a character that's loosely/inspired by yourself say things that you've said in the past. you know, you start to second guess all your own little quarks and nervous ticks or you over do those particular ticks to mess with the actor's head, in a humble attempt to make the performance a smidge more bizzare.

everything has just been really weird and odd, the past couple of days and i place all of the blame upon "francis the mute" by the mars volta. that album, is cursed, i tell you. after listening to the album, i learned that my father has been without cable tv and like his cable company ran away and diconnected all of their phone numbers. at school, while this wasn't such a bad thing, it's going to be a rathe cliched statement, there was a scene going on in front of my building that was straight out of a fellini film. a big half circle of kids standing around, taking pictures of some babe with an umbrella in front of palm trees. the babe was doing all sorts of wacky poses and jumping around with the umbrella and i could not take a picture of the whole scene, cursed once again. then, i get a burrito for diner and i see one of the mildy attractive girls from my bank, eating dinner with metal dudes and not like the overtly dramatic tight black shirt and blue jeans and shoes that look like new balances but they're not new balances and they weren't like the skinny guys with long hair in isis t-shirts and black jeans, but they were the kind of metal dudes with really bad dreads and like jnco pants, eeewwww. then, my internet connection dies for a few days.

the album, while being pretty good, but frankly, to me, the album sounds like what if miles davis & santana did an album together, then had a dub remix by king tubby. i mean, those dudes can namecheck people like david lynch, bunuel, and fellini as their influences, but basically, they're making santana records; so long for omar rodriguez lopez to peform at the oscars in twenty years while diego luna butchers some song.

anybody up to do a phony test drive of a used car? cause road rules angela is selling the car she won on the show. if i did already have a good car, i'd seriously consider, going to la and buying the car off her, then maybe try to ask her out, but she'd be creeped and wouldn't give me the car after all. [via trent]

so dudes, get them shotgun blasts ready for tomorrow. i'll be back.


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