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Mar 9, 2005

it's all apart of a bigger plan

this girl just cruised by to tell me, that i was sorta wrong in my statements about nyc girls being better than l.a. girls. she said that some of them rock sophiscated ponchs and may have watched more jean pierre melville films than i have, but they can't get lenny kratviz to stop calling them when he's in town

can somebody please take the bong away from quentin tarantino? the dude is in talks to direct a friday the 13th movie, which makes no sense what so ever or does he just want destroy all of the cred he regained after making kill bill? or did his spilt with sofia coppola create so much mid life crisis angst that he needs to get it out by directing a movie about sexy teenagers getting murdered by a dude in a hockey mask? why not take up the sport of basketball or listen to a gun called tension to release tension.

am i alone in this thought, but does anybody else wonder what exactly ashlee simpson's 'best friends'/roommates/hanger on-ers do when ashlee simpson goes on tour? we know that she takes her personal assitant and glam squad along, but what exactly do her other two buddies do when the woman who actually paid for the house is earning her keep? do they actually have jobs, like one of them works at the abercombine at the beverly center where as the other has a gig at the coffee bean in santa monica? are they would be actresses or do i dream, are they struggling writers or even better, struggling stand up comics? frankly, i'm more interested in the lives of these girls than i am in ashlee simpson's. these two girls pose more interesting questions; i mean, all of these answers could be handled in a simple segment on the show; it's not hard to do. so maybe drop a segment where ashlee pouts around in track pants about how ryan caberra never calls for like the eight millionth time and throw in an voice over by ashlee and some snappy music and all questions will be answered.

such sweet news: kobe has 41 in lost to clippers, slips out of the 8th playoff spot are they ever gonna get somebody to coach this team? or will they just throw in the towel and hope for a good draft pick?


At 10:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lakers are done. They have no chemistry and even with a few solid draft picks you still have the selfish play of Kobe. He cannot carry them.

At 1:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i have been so interested in what Ashlee's friends do that i searched on the net and got to your site...


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