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Mar 8, 2005

no wow

a heads up of sorts to hip hop nerds and beat groupies, daedelus along with bus driver will be doing the lunch time (noon) at cal state fullerton on wednesday, march 9th. come out and ask daedelus if he's got scott herren's email address, so all of those beat groupies could send him nudie pics cause "hideyaface" is just redonklicous.

i may have all sorts of music on my ipod, probably like nine days worth of tunes. yet the only song i had in my head all day at school was the theme song for hgtv. so if you run into me and i mumble to you: "you should see what's on hg," just smile and say, 'whateva, man.' although, a hip tip for those on campus and with ipod, listening to "finding out true love is blind" by louis xiv and walking around, is like the new synching up "dark side of the moon" with the wizard of oz. i assume, that it would work any other place, like the mall, but you know, you'd seem like a disenfranchised teenager whose been forced to go to the mall with their parents to buy luggage, if you cruise around the mall with your ipod on.

new sin city can be viewed here; i think i'm cringing in frustration as about as often as i'm smiling about this film.

anybody else think that sunday's block of "arrested development" was really weird and only kinda funny? the only thing about buster having a hook for a hand, had me in stiches, yet i feel really bad about laughing at it.

i believe that we as californias, should launch another recall against arnold. i have no clue as to what improvements to the state he's made since becoming the governimator. or whatever things he's done pales in comparsion to a larger problem plaugin our humble little state, the pot holes. the biggest problem of the recent biblic rainfalls isn't the inability to capture all of any rain, to help solve any drought problems, it'll be the day when some dude in a ford fiestva is being air lifted out of some crater on the 10 freeway during rush hour. the people are driving like drunks in an attempt to avoid these pot holes. it's another complication added to our already fucked up freeways and streets. i mean, why did we elect arnold in the first place if he wasn't gonna tackle the big problems? california, sadly is a state where you live or die by your car. there's no way around it, i've tried.

so why not pull resources and effort into fixing this problem? and not with some bullshit meter inside the car that taxes you for every mile you drive plan. nobody would drive if that happened and the economy would fall apart. why can't arnold do a bunch of commercials in japan and put his paychecks into some sorta fund to save our streets. that of course is unless, if arnold has the automotive industry's nose up his ass, then it explains everything and the oppurnity to drive down a pot hole free 5 north will not be in my lifetime.

i don't mean to be so political, but it oddly helps the point i'm about to make, new york city is better than los angeles. i came to this conclusion from looking at party photos by mark cobra snake & bronques last night's party. in nyc, everybody is in the club, you got your killer babes, indie dudes, and even a dudebro or two and sometimes somebody like hiliary duff hits the ipods of steel. at the clubs in l.a., you got anxeric man boys talking about their myspace profiles and young girls with pencil thin eyeborrows like my grandma has and layers upon layers of foundation that's been on their faces since the 7th grade. that's not hot. all you wanna do is take a wash cloth or if you're rather sinister, a water balloon to their faces and let their pores breath for the first time in 4 and 1/2 years. not to mention, you got bagels like apollo starr at the club. if you don't know who he is, consider yourself lucky.

now i say this without ever going to one of the bi-weekly steve aoki dance parties, but here's the problem with that, i gotta drive all the way up to la, pay like seven bucks, if not more for parking and probably not even have a drink because i have to drive home because i either have classes or an earlier call time in the morning. one could bring along a designated driver, but i dunno, you know drag somebody all the way out to la, to have them just hang out with you while you get drunk and dance around to interpol is pretty mr.bogus. not to mention, you look like a raging alcohol cause you forced your friend to drive you home. it seems like in l.a., you have to plan everything out like you're the parent living the kids alone with a baby sitter for the first time. you have to have everything planned out and organized, a list of phone numbers of people to contact who live in the area, so maybe you could crash the night on their floor. but i don't know about you, frankly, i feel like i'm getting a bit too old to be crashing the night on peoples' floors to nurse a hang over. you know in nyc, you can get drunk as fuck and catch a cab or take the subway home. you see, it's this ability to not be a slave to an automobile, that makes nyc better.

then again, the money probably spent on a cab would be the same amount spent on parking, so maybe that's the rub.

peace out to the cast of real world: philly. season finale airs tonight and i wish i could say, good riddence to those fucking wiener kids, but half of those winners are messing up the jamie chung show with their little pookashell necklaces and just overall annoynace. i mean, honestly, mtv, can't we have, road rules/real world challenge: the hot off where real world san diego's jamie hangs out with road rules extreme's angela and like, they hang out with the rich kids from "my super sweet 16" and like have water balloon fights while the coachwhips play in the background? you know, that'd be more interesting than seeing the miz doing his miz all over again. you know who the miz is? he's a failed professional wrestler who does a horrible rock impression. so if i wanted to see some wwf dude, i'd watch wwf, all right. and did anybody else notice that all of the gay guys on this particular road rules/real world challenge are on the same time together? weird. and can bruim-murray productions give veronica a job or something, so she won't be on every one of these challenges; let somebody new and foxier come in and get their shine on; like veronica's heyday of hotness was like 1999, if she ever had a hey day of hotness. mormon julie has got to go unless she does all the challenges in the special, mormon magical underwear. and i don't need these super crazy, you have about 15 minutes to break into front knox using these buffalo nacho wings from chillis and these ninja shoes, macgyver style mission. bottle rocket shit up, by like having a contest where it's how long can mike can go without make any reference to the miz or the rock or can somebody go a day without wearing a trucker hat or can dan not say something rather sassy or how many articles of clothing we can put onto veronica.

but yeah, that whole scene with jamie at the beach last night, girl gots a black belt in body karate.


At 7:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you been to San Diego....yet??

Full of people who couldnt cut it in LA and moved south. Fucking lame

At 11:56 AM , Anonymous dsp said...

i thought cobra snake was from LA. i know they have been in NYC for a little bit, but i think if you look at the past photos the LA girls are hotter. in my opinion anyway.

At 8:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm from the OC and went to school in nyc.. i gotta say, nyc people in general are not as good looking. at least they try to make up for it by having over the top personalities and an expensive wardrobe. Too bad that wardrobe always includes a tacky black leather jacket.


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