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Mar 16, 2005

an open later to james murphy

dear mr. murphy,

it's been roughly a month since the stateside release of lcd soundsystem's debut album and everybody is pretty much in love with the album. from the cool kids down onto critics of entertainment weekly. myself, i have taken it out of my car only once and that was to put it on my ipod and out of fear that an auto mechanic may steal it while my car was in the shop. so i was just wondering why you haven't lined up any shows in the states to support the album, yet?

while i do apperciate your humbleness about your band. it's great, but here's the thing, your band is great live. i've seen you guys a couple of times and "yeah" is rather amazing in person. like every single person there was jumping up and down, losing their mind and shouting, "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..." the whole time. it's crazy and more people need to experenice that. please don't let the number of people there at coachella be a sign that people don't like your band. dude, you had one of the worst time slots ever, the same time as the pixies and the band you made better, the rapture were playing at the same exact time. i went to coachella specifically to see lcd soundsystem and it was well worth the money spent, the sleep lost, the weight lost and the nose bleeds i suffered through.

and don't let that show at the echo detracted you from touring. that show was the same night as an interpol show and people in la, have the same type of love for interpol that people from brooklyn have for biggie smalls; it's crazy. the problem that radio out here is rather awful; there are stations that should be playing your songs, but frankly, they'd rather have some c-list celebrity spin records, so the station manager can have famous friends; it's bullshit. but it shouldn't keep you from touring. come out to la and play the troubadour. go to chicago, go anywhere because there will be people, lots of people there to see your band and they'll walk out of the show, saying, "that was amazing," wheather you want to believe it or not.

so please, james murphy, tour, it'll be awesome and you can make alot of money selling t-shirts to nerdy guys like me.


douglas reinhardt


At 2:35 AM , Blogger peter said...

lcd is touring this summer, no worries


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