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Mar 14, 2005

party & bullshirt

ever have one of those moments where you see something that just utterly blows your mind that literally you're reduced to simple statements like, "dude, it's out of control. so out of control," and you try to talk to people about the matter, but they're like, 'i got like eighty million other things to deal right now, but like, yeah, cool' ; so you're this walking ball of nervous energy and excitement, waiting to explode, but everybody else has got other things on their mind, so you basically implode instead. cause, i'm like that, right now. shit in the past two days has been so out of control, in a good way, that somebody better call the cops.

i'd say something, but i think i'll just save for a script, zach braff style. so i'll just extended an unrelated/related thanks towards robin brown for letting me hang around the set of johnny benson even though, i showed up late to set on sunday (the ghosts in my house totally turned off my alarm). honestly, if anybody at a studio wanted to a film about myspace culture, then they should really buy the rights to robin's short film cause dude is nailing exactly in in the head, and of course, let him direct the thing.

speaking of myspace, i was at boot barn looking for a belt since all of the cool kids at my school wear the leather western belt and i figure, you know, i'm wearing a tan leather belt and you're wearing a tan leather belt, we should probably hang out, but that's beside the point. there were a bunch of high school girls trying on cowboy boots (if mary kate olsen wears them, then i have to wear them) and cowboy jackets, taking pictures with each new article of clothing. people will do anything for an interesting profile and will send annoyning bulletins about how they have new pics up and they want comments.

over the weekend, i learned that dogs have the same emotions as teenagers. dogs can be just as embarrased as when a 14 year old girl gets picked by her dad whose blasting huey lewis' "the power of love" after pep squad practice. the dog's owners, a married couple, who i assume are without children, walked their dog while wearing matching gray sweat pants outfits. i'm not talking about like the woman was wearing a juicy suit and the husband was wearing track pants of the same color, no they were both wearing baggy, gray, i'm completely over everything sweat pants and matching sweat shirts. their dog walked behind them, as if to gain some distance, but you know the whole lesh thing, tipped everybody off. the dog looked over at me and my dog, with that embarrased face you always got when you were out with your parents at the mall and you saw some cool kids at the mall, by themselves. i'm still trying to figure out the mindset of a couple that wear matching sweat pants. i could understand dressing alike, if you're going to be on like "the amazing race" or "wild & crazy kids", but not on an overcast saturday when you're just kickin' back. i mean, how earlier in life did these people throw in the towel? sure, sweat pants are comfortable but they are a house clothing; only to be worn within the confines of the house; when out in public, it means, you don't give a fuck anymore, literally. people who say they're not concerned with image are lying because if they weren't concerned, they'd be rocking sweat pants every single day of the week.

those women who wear the juicy suits just want to give off the impression that they work out, since you know, they don't.

bryan singer's superman blog; no word if he's gonna use it to pick on blogger groupies.

aicn says that guy ritchie's running buddy is the directof of the new x men movie; so be on the prowl for a film that'll bite on tarantino yet interviews they'll say, we've never seen pulp fiction. personally, the x-men films are the best superhero movies; so why get some hyperkinetic british guy whose has produced a couple of films and directed only one film before. i dunno, i dunno, i guess fox likes losing money.

and i'd like to say happy birthday to my sister, since it's her birthday and all, today.


At 4:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once, I saw a couple wearing matching Good Charlotte t-shirts.

At 4:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


My sister just returned from LA, where she was staying with her friend who lives in the apartment building Ashlee lived in before she moved into her house. Apparently at least one of her two roommates is a friend of hers from Texas who is basically being paid by the Simpsons to live out there so Ashlee has a friend in Cali. So her job is being a friend.

What's the deal with uberhuge belt buckles now? Please advise.

At 5:54 PM , Blogger Mike P said...

I agree -- X Men movies are the best comic movies made -- and that's coming from a comic fan that always thought their comics blew -- except now Joss Whedon's writing for Astonishing X Men --
I'll have to check it out.

At 4:25 PM , Anonymous R. Brown said...

Relating to the Singer Superman blog. I recently attended a screening of The Usual Suspects that was followed by a Q and A with John Ottman, the editor and composer for all of Singer's films. Ottman was very BLAH about doing Superman. He said he hasn't the slightest idea what's going on with it except that he will be getting the footage way too late and thus no time to score the film after editing it. He was also blah because he doesn't know if he'll be stepping on people's toes with how famous the original superman theme is. He sounded really annoyed with the project.


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