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Mar 11, 2005

too many tickets is the problem, man

if anybody wants to know what i thought about the 'beckisode' of "the o.c.", i got two words for you, spinal tap style: shit sandwich. at this point, i'm waiting for seth cohen to get a pet monkey and for red headed kid with a bowl cut to take up residence at the cohen household. while, the julie cooper in a porno is mildly interesting storyline, the rest of the show is stuck in backstoryville; we're still gonna talk about what happened a couple of episodes ago, and it'll be like this for like the next three episodes until our writers reach for that absolute last straw and think up of something new. honestly, i wish that these cool kids would become chum for the sharks in "spring break shark attack". at least, i know that thing will live up to it's name: it's got sharks and it's got girls in bikinis; all "the oc" has a bunch of annoyning people saying the same things over and over, but only in excleeding less clever and unique ways.

i'd write something about the new kills album and how good it is, but i think soviet panda beat me to the punch and did a far better job than i would have ever do.

ambitious outsiders has some new rilo kiley for your ears; me ears sorta believe the song could be from the upcoming jenny lewis solo album, but either way you slice it, it's good times.

one should never really count out the l.a. babes, cause they'll come out fighting. guns outs, ready to make you cream your jeans as well as make you laugh with their sassy impressions of zoolander

then again, you see a babe like this and you say, "oh, so that's why they call new york the capital of everything" and attempt to figure out what stuff you could sell to move there

i still can't understand why america's next idol can't be a babe. i mean, lindsey cardinale poops when she sings, dudes. look at her, she's all squating all over the place like she's on deck. i dunno about you, but once i learn that a girl goes to the bathroom, i lose any attraction to her what so ever. mikalah gordon has about as many moves as my cooking does: shake 'n' bake; the world doesn't need barbara streisand 2: electric bugaloo. who other than ashlee simpson types (girls who complain about how you never call them, but they don't want to talk on the phone that much and like after two smiroff ices, they're so wasted and can't function the rest of the night) like wilmer viladerrama types, like mario? are the people who voted more for these weiner kids than i did for the babe, still into unicorns and believe it's more than okay to wear flip flops in the winter time?

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forget whatever mean thing simon cowell ever said on "american idol" or the eventual mean thing that'll be said by that walking embodiment of why we don't do drugs or at least not too many drugs, faye dunaway on that wb show. even forget whatever horrible thing that lorenzo llamas and that infamous red laser ever did on "are you hout?" for the meanest thing ever said by a judge on a reality show was said by tyra banks on this past wednesday's episode of "america's next top model". tyra said to lluvy, "you have a shelly duvall quailty." did tyra mean lluvy projects an asexual vibe and has a body similar to nba never was been, shawn bradley? don't get me wrong, shelly duvall, great actress, check out her performance in rober altman's insanely creepy, 3 women, but the chances of shelly duvall giving a kid a boner are slim to nil. i mean, what did lluvy do to get a such comparsion? sure, she lives in t-shirts with ironic sayings from urban outfitters. i do too, but i get my shirts from paul frank, but that doesn't mean you should say the girl that she has the same vibe that drove a man nuts in a hotel in the moutains. i mean, lluvy's face is different and unusual, but you don't have to say shelly duvall. say quirky, next time.

i mean that's the sorta thing i wouldn't even wish upon my own worst enemies, to call them shelly duvall. personally, i think tyra should suffer the unbearable terror known as two frat chicks talking about how they are for two reasons: "friends" isn't on anymore and secondly, they can't be p.a.s for the show. an hour of that feels like a thousand years and you'll take your favorite pen and stab yourself in the arm to distract yourself away with the pain of it all.

the only other thing, i'd say about this cycle of "america's next top model," is it's gonna be the survivial of the bourgiest.

and honestly, after about watching, ohh, let's say seven minutes of lizzie grubman's "power girls", they'll give anybody a reality show on mtv these days. so be on the look out for skeet on mischa: the show. basically, it'd be me sitting in traffic, singing along to a gun called tension,creepily staring at hot asian girls at school all the while, i'm writing my blog enteries in a notebook. totally killer, no twinkle filler; question: does anybody know if lizzie grubman saw that thing at the end of raiders of the lost ark, cause homegirl is the second coming of james carville


At 5:09 PM , Blogger Alexa said...

I finally had time to watch the Tivo'd OC episode, and that porno part was so hilarious. This show truly is 90210.


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