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Apr 12, 2005

almost crimes

some say hottest girl evs, well since last saturday morning. while others believe she should be the new vanna white. and some are just wondering if she'll holla at a dude (myspace.com/skeetonmischa). or at least have a friend holla at a dude (once again, myspace.com/skeetonmischa) and say, "yeah, she's way out of your league. stick to the girls who never grew out of their junior high riding horse phase. you're gonna be miserable for the rest of your life, if you even try.".

aicn has trailers for new takeshi miike and new larry clark for y'all. i'd watch the larry clark stuff because it just makes you want to watch the warriors since you know, larry clark films never get released in america. although, the same can be said about takeshi miike films, but that trailer is really creepy and may actually get american distrubtion.

still feeling cold about that latest daft punk album, music for robots has an ear delicious french house jawn here for y'all to enjoy.

romero's land of the dead out this summer instead of october; all the zombie nuts are gonna starting waiting in line now

i must an extend a 'shame you' to saturday night live. how can you only do one joke about pat o'brien? i mean, they didn't have to do a skit with pat o'brien in his underwear, with the sniffles making phone calls, they could've gone the route of what happens if pat o'brien dialed the wrong number and constantly left nasty voice mails on somebody else's voicemail. it would've been perfect for last week's snooze-o-rama with cameron diaz as the host and cameos by jimmy fallon & drew barrymore. you see, you got your pat, your bestys and your mystery women and insert people peeing their pants from laughter. yet, what do they do instead? the barry gibb talk show. i have no forkin' clue as to who barry gibb is, i assume he was in the bee gees and wasn't he the one that passed away recently? i'm just so amazed about how modern and current those writers cause they really socked it to some disco dude. i mean, who's next? john delorean? i came to expect that type of bullshit from mad tv, but the fact is this, mad tv is getting to be a bit more cutting edge, which is sad. i mean, it's mad tv, but at least, they do their reoccuring sketchs like maybe three times a year, not trotting it every two weeks to die a horrible, unfunny death IE debbie downer (it was a one time only sketch; learn to let go)

although, that one photo of tina fey when she looked like that lady from le tigre who looks a dude was rather funny.

seperate at birth: marcus,, the round table pizza puppet and franklin from "arrested development".

somewhat due to the marginal success of "trippin" and the overt phoneness of "mee the barkers," i've come up with a reality show pitch that mtv will totally have to buy. combining "pimpin' my ride" and the absolute boredom of "trippin," i give you, "poolin'," a show in which four celebrities or three celebrities and one regular person basically all car pool together for one week in a toyota prius, that has been totally pimped out, natch. you know, it's about how can we all help save the environment and save money by sharing a ride together. for the pilot, the cast will be myself, huell howser, marcia cross and eva green. then insert the drama known as huell's annoyning stories about californian gold as we move inch down sunset blvd on a saturday night and forgetting to pick up marcia after her pilates class, and my comical romantic advances towards eva green, that undoubtley leave me left stranded somewhere in malibu, kicking rocks. it's got hit written over all it. i mean, fights over listening to howard stern in the morning instead of ryan seacrest; ways to drive the car. well, probably it'd be boring, but at least it'd be more interesting than "trippin" and a bit realier than "meet the barkers".

so of us are really good with names of people. we remember them pretty easily or at least we try hard to remember names or the person does something that helps us remember their name. then there are situations like the one i was recently in. for what seems like two months now, i've been friendly with a person who happens to be in four of my five classes this particular semester at school. basically, i see this person every day i'm on campus, so of course, we're bound to exchange pleasentries and talk about the mid term in class a or the paper due in class b next week, and for the life of me, i couldn't remember this person name. i didn't even believe she even told me her name, but here's the thing, she always works in my name into conversations. it's like: "how was your weekend, doug?", etc. so i'm talking with this person, watching movies with this person and i have no clue about her name, yet she's throwing my name all around like she's playing frisbee golf.

it should be noted, i rarely say the names of people when i talk to them. frankly, the only time i say anybody's name is when i'm asking for them on the telephone or i'm talking about them with somebody else. here's the deal, if i look at you when i'm talking to you, i believe i don't need to say your name.

so flash back to last week, i'm outside of class, talking with basically what amounts to a mystery woman when some other dude comes up and says he's in a class that she's in and wanted to borrow some notes. this guy introduces himself to the girl and vice versa, she finally says her name. so now, i know her name, yet here's the problem: it's been two months of me not saying her name and if i start busting it out all of a sudden, it'll seem fishy. you know, it's not something i can throw out causally. it'll be awkward if i start use to her name within the confines of our conversations.

the only good is that if she says something about how i don't even know her name, i can pull her bullshit card and say what it is.


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