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Apr 5, 2005

beverly hills

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dude, penelope cruz will sleep with anything for a little bit of buzz or at least, matthew mcgounhey really, i mean really let himself go.

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openning day is a mixed blessing, i guess. yeah, it's great that baseball is back, but here's the rub, on the way home from school, i have to drive right by angels stadium. traffic will continue to be awful, so i'm not sweating that as much, but my problem is this, what if somebody hits a home run so far that it crashes through one of the windows in my car, causing me to freak out and probably get into a accident. with the rampant use of roids in the major leagues these days, i even have more to worry about. (i'm not impling that vlad the implier uses roids; dude is beyond nice, read here)

i think that probably my biggest fear in regards to driving is to be attacked by an out of control ball. it probably stems from the one time i was walking to the bank and these kids playing soccer kicked their ball over the fence, so this guy picked it up and kicked it over, but it hit the fence, bounced back and hit the guy in the face. then there was that time, when those same kids kicked the ball over again and it hit a moving car and bmw owner went nuts, but that's not really my story to tell.

i really want to like hot hot heat, but they're a terrible live band, beyond awful and secondly, the singer smiles way too much. i haven't seen this much smiling since george michaels was pracing about in short shorts, so hot hot heat fans be on the look out for steve bays singing about jitterbugs and talking about how he never wants dance again. also, why can't he put his microphone in a mic stand while he plays the keyboard? i'm sure the constant struggle of putting back and removing the mic from its stand is rather taxing, but you know, if he wants to prance around the stage in his dolphin shorts, then just be a singer and get some dude to be a touring keyboardist.


At 8:35 PM , Anonymous Amy said...

I just read an article in some random sports magazine about how Vlad is the player in the majors least likely to be on steroids, so that made me pretty proud to have him. However, I do not see myself supporting the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this season out of spite for the name change. I live in Kansas City now, so when the Angels come to play the Royals, I may have to switch and wear Royal blue rather than my Angels jersey. Who am I kidding though, the Royals suck the d.

Also, last year when I went to a Rangers-Anaheim game, I almost got hit in the face with a foul ball, then almost got kicked in the face by the man who eventually got it.


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