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Apr 15, 2005

delayed reaction

so, i've been a bit obessessed with mtv's "movie life: house of wax" as of late. yet, the show is filled with faults, namely, it's balant and utter disregard for her royal thighness II in favor of paris hilton standing around saying, "that's hot" or "that's cute". you know, if i wanted to hear that shit, i'd watch the simple life or go inside my local del taco around the same time as the near by high school lets out for lunch and just count down the seconds until i want to stab a pencil in my ear.

while, there's that problem, there's another problem, perhaps an even bigger problem. its named chad michael murray. i've never seen an episode of "one tree hill" nor any film he's been in, but from what i've seen of him on this show, he has to be the most pretenious, douche baggest actor around. somebody needs to offer him an reality check of sorts; you're not russell crowe, you'll never be russell crowe and your show is on the fucking wb, okay. he's always telling the camera crew to not film him while preparing for the big scene; what fucking prep do you need in a movie called house of wax? are you using sense memorey techinques, going all the way back to when your pet kitty died, so you'll have the emotional baggae to perform a fight scene against the evil wax master? get over yourself, dude. what is so wrong with an mtv guy filming his conversation with his agent? basically, any successful actor is an example of luck and why people should gamble because those who are successfull, gambled on themselves and won, in theory of course. so, i don't know, i think that chad michael murray should carry himself with a sense of humanilty and perhaps, a sense of humor.

i've been hanging with actors off and on over the past four months and for the most part, they're decent people. there are some you can talk with about, terry richardson and good records and there are others, perhaps, this is more of a me issue, that you just talk to them about their hybrid car and ask if they know larry david since he has a hybrid, too and get back to your job. with chad michael murray, he's an actor that i believe you can't talk to him about good records nor his hybrid car without fear of getting punched in the face and a pink slip. what a douche.

i must admint that last night's episode of "the oc" was pretty decent. more trey doing drugs and less playing lcd soundsystem, no wait, actually, more trey & james murphy cause royalites are nice. while, the episode was good, i was a bit cocerned about rachel bilson. perhaps, it has already been out there for a while, but in a shot where we see rachel bilson bend down, it appears that she doesn't have that much of an ass. i always thought, she had something back there or does anybody who works on the show know if she left it at home? she's still gotta going on, i'm just disapointed that she doesn't have much of an ass, that's all.

dude, cammy belle got snaked, so hot, that she had to be spotted twice.

i would've updated earlier but i got distracted by tommy's and various dvds from eon mckai and skeet on mischa's favorite indie/punk rock naked girls site, burning angel(nsfw)


At 6:44 AM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

chad michael murray is a douche bag. mothersticker starred in Freaky Friday with my firt love and now with cuthy in house of wax dat ass??? where's the justice. THERE AINT NONE.


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