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Apr 21, 2005

exile on vain street

while the most recent handsome boy modeling school album wasn't that hot with exception to a couple of tunes, like "i've been thinking" with cat power on vocals. pardon me, while i sound slightly stupid for a moment, but that song is the perfect ringtone for late booty calls. that song has that mid 90s downtempo, trip hop vibe to it and to hear coming from your phone, like around 1 in the morning, while brushing your teeths.

of course, in my case, it was an unknown number, asking about how to start up their own blog, not to meet them in a secret spot. although, i wouldn't mind a late night call from finola hughes. have you seen the easy shaper informercials?

so after listening to the new white stripes song a few times now, i'm fully stand by my statements, that riff is pretty much the same riff as death from above 1979's "romantic rights". so jimmy page stole old blues riffs, now jack white gotta steal riffs from other two piece bands? then again, who am i to be talkin' about music? all i know is that regina spektor looked pretty cute on jay leno, the other night. (i tuned in early for conan cause i can't stand cousin sal bits on jimmy kimmel)

i must extend a happy birthday to iggy pop. nowadays, he may make crap records with sum 41 and peaches, but he was on pete & pete and sang "gimme danger". so he'll forever be cool in my book.

has anybody called mike jones yet? he's yelling out his phone number like every three seconds on his new album and i'm just wondering, like what happenes if you call? is it a voice mail where you can drop him a line or basically shout out, "mike jones!" then hang up or is it really his number? cause i worry that if i call, it'll be a bad time. you know, he just sat down to some lunch or he's with his special lady friend and i have to go and ruin everything cause i wanted to tell him that his album is better when it's in slow motion

spike lee is already protesting lars von trier's new film, manderlay, see why here. this'll probably be one of those films that you'll have to buy the korean import dvd of it from like hkflix.com cause nobody in america will release unless that new weinstein venture has balls and won't dick around, releasing bad movies starring that dude from coldplay's wife.

while i did apperciate their portrayal of jillian barberine as a crack smoking spazachtic whose in love with the sound of her own voice, i just can't take a sketch show seriously when it's named, comedy inc.. it could be the most biting, irrevelent, sharp sketch show since mr. show with bob & david, but the fact is the name just screams out, 'bad improv troop' and 'morning zoo'. these guys did a sketch about bad improv troops, of course, it wasn't funny because it just felt an every day occurance for these performers.

if spike tv wants a sketch comedy show, they should buy the rights to the public access show myself and robin brown did back in 2001/02. it was southern orange county's number one source for jokes about jeff goldblum and cute girls doing stupid shit. it was big with stoners cause they would be flippin' around and see like me and some tall blonde wrestling with giant ball on somebody's front lawn. isn't the whole concept behind spike tv is that it's the guys' network, right? so why not have a show that would incoroporate paradoies of the fast & the furious (it was called, "the quick & the agiagted") with bits of cute girls doing stupid stuff like playing the drums? give me an office in santa monica, a couple of writers, let some kids i know direct some things, let me hire some actors i know (well, mainly, just this one girl; only cause i figure, if i get her a job on a tv show, so maybe she'd go out with me), and i can crank out some shit cheaply and quickly. the show will be no mr. show; shit, it won't even be mad tv, but i can safely say, it'll be better than "comedy inc." although, i'll probably need a somewhat high music budget cause i wanna use alot of rap music.


At 12:50 PM , Anonymous 86 said...

oh. my. god. the adventures of pete and pete. i used to sneak out of sunday school with the shadids so we wouldn't miss an episode. artie. the strongest man...in the world. so great.


At 9:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finola Hughes..."Aspen Extreme" bestness.


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