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Apr 26, 2005

fair and balanced

sometimes, we at skeet on mischa, get a bit caught up in our own stories like how ann coulter gets caught with the blow when she's partying with rahad jackson and playing baseball. so, we forget our journalstic pratices and responbilities sometimes in the pursuit of fair and balance reporting. in yesterday's entry entitled, "demolition," we attacked the band, the adored as potentially being a reason as to why people may miss out on lcd soundsystem's show. well, folks, we were wrong about that, after briefly speaking with members of the adored, we've learned that the band we should've been accusing is the colour. so basically replace all the times where we mentioned the adored and replace it with the colour. (only cause the colour is the headliners)

it doesn't matter to us that we may know some fans of the colour and they're good peoples and some of them even have really nice bodies, but you know, look at those dudes in the colour, it's all about cheek bones and not power chords with them.

also, lately, we've been a bit hard on rachel bilson and her backside (no pun intended) or at least a lack there of. well, as one read pointed out to us, her apperance in stuff magazine, which lead us to sorta change our stance about rachel b. she's still the cutest thing on the o.c., even though her storyline is entering into that annoyning world known as ross & rachel-dom and frankly, you know, we never thought about baggy pants. sometimes, a boot cut can be a bit baggy.

and finally, we'd like to apologize to the girl, we thought had breast implants. apparently, they're real and they're probably spectular.

-music for robots has some neon blonde for your ears; it's the blood brothers, but if they made noiser zero 7 style songs.
-michael bay just lost all of his cool points; no matter how good that scarlett johansson/ewan mcgregor movie is, to even think about doing a remake of hitchcock. i mean, remaking shitty horror movies, yeah, sure, go for it and rock on, but hitchcock is untouchable. i mean, how would michael bay like me doing a remake of the rock with hiliary & haylie duff and shots that would last up to 7 seconds or even complete scenes played out in wide masters. imagine that horror, dude!


At 6:49 AM , Anonymous 86 said...

i know i will probably get chided for this, but i thought birds was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. sure the tension was there, but it was cause by birds. birds. birds that caused explosions. sounds right up michael bay's alley.



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