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Apr 1, 2005

feel good inc.

i'd have something to say, but i'm still in bit of a daze after spending my thursday, driving down pch with the windows down and the prefuse bumping and staring at terry richardson photos at a museum.

to me, i found it rather surreal to be in a museum, watching a spike jonze short or looking at a richardson photo with his wang chung all over the place and it to be considered art. some dude who was looking at the exhibit said to his gal pal, "hey, that's the dude from vice magazine," which sorta upset me. you know, i wish i would've said, "terry richardson is more than the dude from vice magazine, he's the guy whose conning goofy kids with digital cameras into believing that they could have their work in books and museums in new york when we all know that they can't even take a picture of their dog. dude is a genius." if you're in the area and it's not may 16th, check out "beautiful losers" at ocma. you can watch mike mills' shorts & videos all at the same time. word to wise, security guards there sorta creeped me out cause they followed me around stuff and watched what i did. do i look like thomas crown?

joel silver is completely focused, right now. scamming mtv into doing a documentary on the production of his latest teen horror flick with the season finale being on the night before the film's release. brilliant, brilliant marketing. i gotta say this though, too much paris hilton, not enough miss thighs for my taste. paris is a cold bogger on my paper plate while elisha cuthbert is hot snot; i guess it will be like watching an episode of "desperate housewives," you sorta bear with all of the boring stuff to get to the marica cross stuff.

why is the kid from mean creek wearing the same shirt as i wore back in senior year of high school?

if you wanna holla at me via myspace, you can reach me at myspace.com/skeetonmischa; so you know blogger groupies or random people who read this mess, get at me.

doesn't anybody else get frustrated by those best buy ads where the guy says you can control the black eyed peas with your own hands? cause i really wish that was the case, cause i'd hit the delete button and adios amigos.

don't forget, if you're gonna go see sin city this weekend, make sure you see it digitally projected. so when you walk out of the theater, most likely disapointed, you can say, it's at least the way the filmmakers wanted it projected.

and one last thing, we're really big fans of jimmy fallon nowadays. just can't wait to see fever pitch and hope that the next trip to amoeba will score us a used copy of his comedy cd, "the bathroom wall" and the rest of this evening will be spent watching his best of dvd and taxi. he's just so funny; man, i wish i was as clever as he is, then maybe i'd go somewhere with my life.

and oh yeah, lcd soundsystem with m.i.a. at the el rey tickets go on sale tomorrow morning; pump your brakes and prove to james murphy that la loves him, please, thanks. i think we can do it, sell out the el rey. shouldn't be too hard.


At 7:21 AM , Anonymous TR said...

Fever Pitch...was a great story and good movie the first time. There is no reason to remake it with baseball instead of soccer. I can only hope Nick Hornby got a huge amount of $$$$$ for this.
Two word review: Shit sandwich.

At 12:41 PM , Anonymous robot mark said...

good luck with tickets to that. greedy capitol records folks have their fingers all up in the pie. LCD might not draw so big out here, but MIA sure does.

At 10:40 AM , Anonymous Rockinthoec said...

I just found this blog, and I really like your style of writing, especially the title. Also, as a girl who grew up in Orange County, but is now stuck in the Midwest, I like reading about places/things I know or used to know. And I added you to my myspace.


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