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Apr 22, 2005

franklin comes alive

only if this was a real album and only if this show would be on for another season, but you know, it doesn't pull in that elusterious 'we missed the show the first time around, but we bought the dvds and bought all of the merch that was at two hot topics, like literally, we went to the mall in the next town over and got the wind breaker with stewie on it cause me and "my girlfriend" just have to match and we totally love the show, that's how we met' demographic. [image via the op]

ever notice how on certain fan reviews on aint it cool news, like the guy over emphasis the fact that he has a girlfriend. it's like the second line in the review, 'yeah, me and my girlfriend went to a screening of (insert the name of some mondo retardo sci-fi movie).' way to go, guy with having a girlfriend and all, but the thing is, it has nothing to do with your review of a film in progress. if anything, it's a sign of desperation and phonyness (jerry seinfeld style, no less); i mean, your guy whose sending in a review to aint it cool; you've already narrowed the actualities of you having a girlfriend. is it all a humble attempt to impress those on the talk back? lame like those extremely phoney coke comercials.

i would strike and protest coke over their makin' it real campagin. there's nothing geninue or real about them; it's only 'cool kid' propoganda; if you want to be cool, you gotta be rebelious like this kid who makes crazy lowrider bikes and drink coke or you gotta have a band and play shows, always with a coke and smile. sure, the visual feel is gritty and look like all about lilly chou-chou, but there is no realness to it. so in other words, coke is promoting being fake. i would so boycott, but i just believe that my boycott would go the way of boycott of pepsi after they drop ludacris cause bill o'reilly said to; i drank aquafina and owned stock in pepsi co. you can't boycott and be upset at a company and still own stock in them.

related to a thing from up there earlier: don't you think couples that start to dress alike is the first sign of boredum in a relationship? i dunno, but if that ever happens to me, to quote one brandon flowers, "kill me now, kill me now, kill me now."

i apolgoize if i'm stepping upon any toes, but doesn't the brit brit & k-fed reality show feel it's gonna be exactly like the paris hilton, pam anderon/tommy lee sex tapes minus all the good parts, if you will. from the promos, it's all shaky and hand held, but not in a sexy michael bay way, but, in a we're only talking in baby talk and ending each sentence with pet names sort of way. and the less said about couples mugging for the night vision feature on the sony handycam. oh, i can imagine k-fed say something to the affect, "baby, you look like the incredible hulk."

spine magazine has new kanye west. still out to lunch on it, but i think it'd be pretty nice to hear somebody like lady sovereign over the beat though (been listening to "run the road" comp alot this week). bonus, after listening to new kanye, i got to hear "manhunt" from flashdance.

one thing missing from last night's oddly decent episode of "the trey-c" aka "the oc" that would've put it over the top: the axel foley theme for when marissa and ryan were snooping around, trying to find that drug dealer. how killer were those scenes between trey and sandy, in the car, on stakeout? i smell spin off, but sadly, the episode provided further evidence that rachel bilson has no ass or at least, very little and additionally, it reminded me why i went and got a beer during ben gibbard's solo set at the rilo kiley record release show last summer, death cab is about as exciting as a warm cup of sleepy tyme tea.

can i be repped by caa, please? i'm sure alot of us want an agent, and frankly, i may not speak for everybody, but i'll take anybody i can get, but specifically, i would like to be repped by caa, so my projects can be packaged together with natalie portman to star in them, like this one. i assume, you know, if you were repped by any agent like endevaor, you can get package deals with many cute, young actresses, but with like natalie portman, you've earned a bit of cred to your script. it could be tuna fishin' part 3, but with a name like natalie portman, the thing is already an oscar contender.

seriously though, natalie portman should do a movie like tuna fishin' (check your mr show dvds) because she's either so serious and brutually dramatic or she's acting with robots and pieces of wood like hayden christian or she's working with zach braff; she needs a break from it all and be in a film where farting is commonplace and not as much dog humping peoples' legs.

dude, this girl totally saw that picture of karen o. on the modern age, the other day and im'ed her friend whose a beauty school dropout and asked her if she could come over and cut her hair like karen o.'s; karen o. is the new jennifer aniston.

i judge the potential quality level of a weezer album by the choice of directors for the videos. if you look at the blue album, we had classic videos by spike jonze and sophie mueller. with pinkereton, while it may have been little seen, but there was an amazing video by mark romanek ( watch here). and with the last two albums, all of the videos were done by marcos siega. i guess some people like his stuff, myself, personally, i don't get it; it just seems like he makes the same video over and over again, you know nothing exciting or technically brilliant. so with the new video for the new album, once again, it's directed by marcos siega and it's pretty much a borefest. how can anybody make the playboy mansion boring? well, leave it up to marcos siega. also, the video lacks a certain degree of authencity; you know, i don't see rivers up in the grotto, shooting the shit with miss april and her saline friends. for a song like "beverly hills," they should've gone the jonas akerlund route and had rivers, according to buddyhead, after a cocaine bender, wandering bev hills, looking for mandy amano and ending up, starting a fight at a celebrity poker tourment. that would be more interesting than playing in front of a crowd on the lawn.

or one could use this analogy about the quality of weezer, in van halen terms: matt sharp is like the diamond david lee roth of the band and every other bassit is like sammy hagar. sure, nowadays, they might make an ocassionally good tune here and there, but it aint what it used to be.

and i must extend a big thanks to everybody for the extremely kind words, comments and shout outs over the past couple of days.personally, things have been a crazy as of late, for weird reasons, i'm doing really well in school right now and it's freaking me out. i'm a c + kid and for me, to be getting the marks that i'm getting, you'd be freaking out too. so writing that thing, release a bit of stress, so thanks for bearing with me and i'm just gonna keep on pumpin' out the jams.


At 6:07 AM , Blogger Ken said...

I banned drinking Pepsi because it tastes like liquid raisins.

At 6:29 AM , Blogger Ian said...

Marcos Siega is the FM-rock Hype Williams. Just think, when MTV releases their Siega DVD, we can see all the classics from Papa Roach to Alien Ant Farm and everything in between.

At 7:08 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Keep on keepin' on, my friend...

At 11:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird. I totally know that Karen O girl from somewhere. School? Starbucks? I can't put my finger on it... that's going to drive me crazy all day.

At 5:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

rachel could def have a hotter ass, but her ass looks cute in those stuff pics at that rachel fansite you linked.


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