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Apr 13, 2005

hello tomorrow

after watching one episode of mtv's meet the barkers, i've decided that we need to call social services on the barker family because they are unfit parents. i'm sorry and unfornately, the above photo does not illsturate my point, but never the less, travis barker is allergic to sleeves on his shirts. honestly, a man who can't wear a simple cotton piece to cover up some arms is just not fit to raise a child. now, if travis barker was either a weightlifter or if he was constantly working or if he was an nj guido high on ecstasy, then i'd understand the lack of sleeves, but he's just showing off some bad tatts. you know, it's just a waste of material to buy a t-shirt and cut the sleeves off it, if even if you owe your clothing company or not. i mean, if he wants to cruise around, show off his boney body and ink, then he should look into wearing tank tops on a regular basis. basically, it's the same thing cept tank tops were designed to show off the arms more than a shirt that has been cutted to down the thigh, cause that's where the shants start doing their job.

another thing, travis barker is forcing his lifestyle on the child. did they ask him if he wants a mohawk? does the baby realize that a mohawk is no longer a symbol of rebellion, a fuck you to the system, and actually being punk, but instead it's a symbol used by ad excs and desperate celebrities to be hip, cool and edgy. maybe, the child won't even be into punk rock, maybe he'll be a big fan of high school sports and doing well in school. yet sadly, due to pressure from his father, the child will drop out after the tenth grade and start up his own horrible band. can you imagine the scene, travis barker knocks on his son's door, angrly asking what he's listening and the son says he's listening to the beatles and travis gets really upset, breaks the cd and forces his son to listen to like gbh or something. this child's rebellion will be against rebel music, sadly.

although, britney spears & k fed can force feed whatever lifestyle they want onto their child cause you know it's bound to be funny.

back to the barkers for a minute, seriously, this show and the new season of i want a famous face and basically every other show on right now is just not cutting it. bring back trey, lc, stephen, kirstin, lo, talan, okay. bring back my super sweet 16, actually edit an episode of road rules/real world challenge around jamie chung for once, throw ashlee simpson off a cliff, just please do something interesting.


At 6:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, if you're going to judge a father by the kind of shirt he wears, you either are or you're gonna be a really shitty father one day. I understand you may not like his taste in style, but it was a very weak aspect to bring up in defense of your dislike for a stupid T.V. Show.
Secondly, if you think a toddler gives a damn about what his hair looks like you're mistaken. I guarantee that when the kid is old enough to choose his hairstyle he will do whatever he wants. You think Travis' father forced him to get tattoos and a mohawk and piercings? No. Travis made the choice himself. His dad was a regular blue collar kind of guy, not some evil angry dad forcing him to do things he didn't want to.
Lastly, your reference to Travis' taste in music is completely wrong. Like any other extremely talented musician, you have to listen to a variety of styles of music in order to acquire that special talent. Travis' favorite band of all time is the Police. He'll go out and buy a Phil Collins CD because he respects that man for sticking to music for so long.
I don't think you even understand how amazing Travis is at drums. No one in music can touch him right now, and no one will be able to for a long time. He's been playing since he was 4 years old...why don't you give him some credit.
It's one thing for you to say you don't like the show, but it's another to try and tear these two apart as parents. No one can be the perfect father or perfect mother just a little while after they have kids. It actually takes a lot of time, hard work, and mistakes. So Doug, before you write your next review, do a little research ok buddy?

Have a good one!!!

At 1:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

listen u punk hating asshole travis is a great dad i would love him to be my dad your just a fuckin gay boy cause ur dad is an ass hole and never let u buy a cd u where stuck in ur room studing and learning to be a fuckin asshole. i like to cut my sleeves of to are u gona judge me to and by the way my name is thomas potter n i live at 74 sandlewood drive ruislip n i would love for u to knock on my door so i can knock the to shits out of u all u do ur life is sit down on the computer judging people cause ur a fuckin loser u probably cant even get a girl friend cause your so fuckin ugly and meet the barkers is a phat show i watch it all the time just cause u like watch the brady bunch or the work out channel trying to get a boner u fuckin pervert so go fuck yourself and get a life!!!

At 4:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok douche bag...first thing is first...im sure if you have kids you force them to wear the hair cut they want, they have no say in what they do there fucking kids dick fuck..but you know obviously you have nothing good to do with your time.. and you probably got stuck in some shitty ass job that you hate, so you decide to take shit out on people who have done what they want with there lives and made a name for themselves...your a fucking faggot...

your a dick head

who is jelious

good one fuck bag

At 3:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont hudge him for being his own person. if his kid didnt want a mohakw, then he would have ccried until travis shaved it off.

second of all, where the hell did you go to school? learn how to spell mofo.

by the way, your information services are screwed up. get some true facts, and you will be the slightest bit believed.

At 3:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...



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