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Apr 8, 2005

it's hard to start a car when you're not in park

imagine the ping pong game i witnessed the other day. on one side of the table, there was an out of hand hot girl who seems like she'd be a bit stuck up but when you talk to her, she's really nice, funny and magically pulls out copies of sympathy for mr. vengeance out of her backpack and then on the other side of the table, we had a girl whose current style icon is karen o., yet it wasn't too terriblely over the top with it; imagine as if like karen o. made casual wear for urban outfitters. so these two girls are battling back and forth, well not really battling, but more or less, they were just talking with each other, but they were talking about dance parties. maybe it was one of those moments where you had to be there to fully apperciate everything; but frankly, i belive you can substitue your own personal office/school/coffee shop/mall related crushes into the scerino and just imagine them talking about something you love alot. me, i like dance parties, so it didn't hurt that those two were talking about dance parties, but you know, if it works out for you, maybe the girls were talking about how bummed they are cause march madness is over and they just loved going to the bar and drinking pitchers upon pitchers of ice cold beer; you know, whatever waxes your car.

side note to that story, after dealing with that hotness, in class we had to watch beat kinato's boiling point. could a better day ever be planned? geez, if i knew college was like this, i would've gone alot sooner. it's about as much as fun as what i would assume having the dip set as your car pool buddies would be.

does anybody else believe that matthew mcconaughey did sahara cause he thought that the world needed a stoner version of indiana jones? for my money, the thing looks like his character from dazed & confused running around, blowing shit up. oh, the ideas that come to us during pantless bongo jam sessions or some like to call them, 'drum circles'.

steven soderbergh please casting george clooney in all of your films; it's okay to cast other actors even if clooney is your producing partner. branch out a bit and maybe try a bit hard to woe daniel day lewis to work with you. i mean, isn't daniel day lewis the actor that you really want to work with? so why is clooney always the second choice? why not try an ed norton out? whatever happened to him? or what about a clive owen? he's pretty good; did you see him in closer? fast forward through everything in that film but his scenes, in particular the ones with natalie portman. i mean, honestly for an oscar winner, your casting decisions are pretty similiar to those of a first year film student; i'm gonna ask my friend to be my lead cause we made videos together back in junior high.

related, i read in the la times the other day, that soderbergh is making some quickie film in the middle of nowhere, casting people he sees in the d-q. so i'm guessing schizopolis 2?


At 2:08 PM , Blogger ethan said...

agree with the soderberg rant. but i will still watch the limey every year or so. something about that film --well, i guess the editing and direction -- is amazing.


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