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Apr 11, 2005


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it feels like i've been writing about working on my friend, robin brown's latest opus, johnny benson's adventures in the blogosphere for months on end. from the day that i learn robin's film was going to have a character that would be in part inspired by your humble narrator, i was a bit excited, but i quickly started to worry about casting. you know who can they get to play me? since, i don't act, i made the casting suggestion of 'a jude law type trapped in the body of a young dustin hoffman,' yet i think with the casting choice they went with the character, carl. adam, the actor, did a pretty nice job.

also, it's just such a surreal feeling to be on set and hearing an actor say a catch phrase of mine or at least, a catch phrase i tried to start or at least, co opted from vice magazine, then tried to make it my own and the best part is that it sounds better out of an actor's mouth than my own mouth. if anything, working on this film has made me want to get back to my long gestating script and work on it over the summer (only if i could find the copy of it with notes); it's been an inspiring process.

so please take a moment out of your day, to watch the trailer for johnny benson's adventures in the blogosphere here . you know you want to. it's a movie with cute girls wearing shirts that say, "my blog is better than yours". it has an excellent james murphy tune in it. it's sorta like david fincher meets wes anderson. so check it out and send it to all of your friends.

if you really liked it, holla at robin yourself at bento productions and tell him that you want him to direct your band's next video for lots of money.

to be read after you viewed the trailer aka p.a. commentary
-did you see my cameo? hint: look for the hair and a mike mills graphic.
-did you see the hot girls?
-the shots that looked kinda like the ipod commercials/the openning credits for lynch's mullohand drive, that's when i played ciara's "goodies" on my cell phone to get the actress dancing.
-the scene where johnny was running down the street; some super nice family came out of their house and gave us the greatest lemonade i ever had and famous amos cookies.


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