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Apr 29, 2005

not in my name

first, he takes the country into a completel unnecessary war over nothing, then he's screaming about the country needs to solve the ever so pressing problem known as steroid use in major league, now george w. bush pre-empted "the oc" to talk about nothing. while, this particular season of "the oc" has been very undelicious, i'll just say this, the worst episode of "the oc" totally beats the best speech ever said by george w. bush. there wasn't a pressing need to air this press conference during "the oc" when there is fox news channel, cnbc, msnbc, cnn, cspan 1, 2, and 3, cnn headline news, jay leno's horrible monologue, the 11 o'clock newscast, npr, kfi, the daily show, the internet and of course, newspapers. the network should not have the decision for me, if i wanted to hear what the dude had to say, i would've tuned into cnn, but luckly, i was in class (although, i was watching the rather dreadful suicide circle). i want to see falkor barton try to be emotional, not hear some guy try to convince that gas prices will go down. i want see trey get it on with that one girl who reminds me of somebody i worked with, not see some guy back pedal and try to win back the religious community after dropping the ball on the terri schiavo situation. i want see peter gallagher bein' peter gallagher.

it'll be on next week, which is cool and all, but hey, why not show the episode at 9 instead of running that horrible show with paris hilton. you know, spare us that bullshit that's as phoney as katie holmes & tom cruise's relationship. it's a win-win situation.

speaking of paris hilton, i saw this interview with her and they were talking about how risquee it was to do a scene in house of wax in bra & panties and the whole, 'oh, what is your dad gonna think?' aspect of it. talk about throwing softballs, but come on. why didn't they ask her about being a role model to young girls and never graduating high school.

gnarls barkley dot com has gone live and just wait around to hear cee-loo rapping over violent femmes samples. dangermouse is the new pharrell cept dangermouse won't be all over the videos pretending to be a skater.

some body the other day asked me to donate blood as if he was asking me to sign a petition. yeah, giving blood is good and all, but isn't it something that one has to plan for or center the day around the event of giving blood. you know what if i give blood and i have a pop quiz later that day and i pass out during it cause i gave blood. it's these things that i think about. also, i wonder if julian casablancas wrote the song, "the end has no end" about being in line at price club.

the thigh master's list of 50 hottest people; beyond best ever. yet seriously though, julia roberts=not beautiful unless you're into gigenmorus veins and egos the size of africa. if the skeet shooter was to ever make a list, you just know that kathleen hannah, artie lange, camilla belle, johnny from the blood brothers and rachel bilson would be on on the tippy top of our list.

paulina rubio, a one woman revival of the village people or picking up the torch where the village people left it, but nobody asked her to.

steven soderbergh's movies to now go directly to dvd and tv as well as hit the big screen via digital projection or some deal struck up with that loser of a basketball team owner, mark cuban. yeah, soderbergh can do all these interesting, digital projects and be groundbreaking, but it doesn't change the fact he hasn't made a decent film in five years. remember traffic?

and for those who are going to coachella this weekend, while i may not be going, i've made a nifty list of what i would be watching if i was there:
-m83 in the gobi tent @ 3;40
-the kills in movaje @ 4:50
-water break
-rilo kiley for a smidge @ the outdoor stage @ 6:20
-wilco @ the main stage @ 6:45
-dinner break
-camping out for a good spot in the mojave tent for bloc party @ 9:30
-go back to the hotel after bloc party unless you wanna fall asleep standing up during coldplay;

-diplo @ 2 in the sahara tent
-now you could either way, but this is the biggest rub scheduling moment of the whole thing: you have m.i.a. at 4:10 in the gobi tent while at 4:20 on the outdoor stage is the fiery furnaces. it's a win-win, lose-lose situation.
-food break
-the arcade fire @ 6:45 in the outdoor stage
-new order @ 7:30 on the main stage
-matmos in the gobi tent @ 8:50
-the blood brothers @ 10 in the mojave tent and you're done for the day.

while it may be a fashion fuble to some, i can't recommend wearing cargo shorts enough. while, it's going to be in the 80s this weekend, a breeze going up your legs is always nice and with cargo pockets, you got a spot to carry your water with you. 'oh, where's my water?' then boom, you pull it out of that side pocket and have a nice, cool sip. be warn that if you wear shoes with straps and no socks, there will be tan lines. if it's at all possible, put some visual mark on your car because you could end in that dusty parking lot into the wee hours of the morning and also, when leaving the parking area, let a person in; everybody is in the same situation, so there's no need to be a dick about things. let a person in and the person you just let in, will let somebody else in.

and for those of us who aren't going because we either don't have the money nor the time, just remember that probably the band you wanted to see the most, will be back in southern california in the summer time at a reasonable price, decent venue and mostly important, a time of the day that works for you unless you're a waiter or a paramedic.


At 8:40 AM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

if i knew what u looked like, u might have been #51. then again, i forgot about mia sara from ferris bueller's day off...

At 5:14 PM , Anonymous Feaverish said...

M.I.A vs. Fiery Furnaces = no-brainer. FF4EVA!!!

At 6:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

GW is the new hotness...so eat a fat dick and quit the bloodclot cryin ya little bitch. Fuckin liberalass pansies always on some bullshit.

At 10:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugggh...dude, your thoughts on politics aren't very intelligent or funny. This is about on the same level with the SUV slam the other day. The kind of stuff an Air America host resorts to when he can't think of anything else to say and the only alternative is dead air.

Otherwise, keep doin' what you're doin'.

At 6:51 AM , Blogger Toosinbeymen said...

I agree with you completely about GW. Will the right ever snap out of it? While I think the democrats have major message problems, the republicans with their Social Security plans, tort reform, big business and big money tax cuts, medicad cuts, give aways to credit card companies in the form of bankruptsy reform are constantly eating away at the middle class.

The people that support the republicans are not rich, they're just suckered by the president, congress, and the media echo chamber.

At 12:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are fags...seriously. The left is dead.

At 10:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, most of you commentators are all big time assholes.


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