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Apr 19, 2005

suicide you later, skater.

is sir mix alot now coming up with the challenges on the fisaco known as the inferno 2? dude, jamie chung was putting 'em on the glass. i just knew there had to be a reason why class got out early and i went against picking up some dinner. although, to the editors of road rules/real world challenge, instead of just playing mike jones as the commercial bumpers, why not play him while jamie chung was putting 'em on the glass instead of some vocoder pop. i like vocoder stuff and all, i mean if i had any friends, i would totally have u.s.e. play my house party, but there's just something special about girls putting 'em on the glass and rap music. they go together like peanut butter on toast or like a chicken sandwich from lee's.

but on the road rules/real world challenge thing, when did it turn into a bunch of people yelling at each other and being overly dramatic and screaming about nothing? i mean, who finds this entertaining to watch? some short chubby girl who has no career so she's spent the past seven years of her life doing these stupid things arguing with some other lame girl about nothing? whatever happened to cool guys doing cool things and hot girls putting 'em on the glass?

sorry white stripes kids, but for my money, the new singles sounds an awfully alot like death from above 1979 or at least from the 15 seconds i've heard of it. i'm trying to keep my ears fresh.

ever imagine somebody's conversation that you see from afar. to you, that metalcore dude is talking with that girl about how he's tired of covering for her in class and always taking notes for her cause she never comes to class and she's smiling and asking pretty please and batting her eyes, and since you know that the metalcore dude has a major league crush, of course he'll do it. yet when you walk by without the headphones on, they're basically talking about each other's weekend and how the girl is really lazy and did nothing but sleep all weekend long.

i saw these two suvs basically spot in the middle of the road the other day and was hoping that they were gonna arguing over who wastes the most gas and who's fault it was for the 3 dollars a gallon gas prices. "no, it's my fault that our country is engaged in a useless war!" "no, it's my fault." sadly, they were just exchanging directions.


At 7:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, if you hadn't squandered precious blog space with a bad SUV joke, you could have mentioned that Jaime was trying to block one of the squirting holes with her mouth. Her mouth.

At 5:28 PM , Anonymous J J King said...

^^^ Agree. You may have wanted to mention that part with Jamie actually trying to block the holes. Honestly, get the facts straight before you make a stupid joke.


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