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May 6, 2005

99 million questions

i don't know how many of you caught last night's episode of project greenlight. good episode, but my question is this, what kind of pizza were they eating after the rough cut screening of feast? i mean, i'm no pizza sexpert, but that thing looked something rather vile and deposits from pizza the hut. so does anybody know what kind of pizza that was, and most importantly, the place that made it because i need to put it on the tippy top of my list of places never ever be near.

secondly, it should be noted that tickets to see rilo kiley with feist go on sale, tomorrow. it's been a year since i've seen them and i hope like to go, but it's in the midst of summer school session.

also, journey is playing in my backyard. anybody wanna go?

probably not see you next week, either.

ps. weren't you also sorta disapointed by the pat o'brien/dr phil thing? i mean, maybe i'm asking too much, but i want to know who this mystery woman is and i want to see betsy and i want to buy the rights to pat o'brien's hellacious sunday night and turn it into a short film.
pps. i mean, can't like that dude who interviewed corey clark find this mystery woman and find out why p.o.b. wanted to go crazzy with her.


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