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May 12, 2005

the american dream

the thing about jay-z's "dear summer," is it feels like jordan doing a warm up drill before the game. you know, how when you go to a game earlier, there's always somebody out in there in shorts and warm jackets doing lay ups? basically, "dear summer" is jay doing a couple of lay ups to shake off the cobwebs and most importantly, help the unmovable bleek actually move units (the day that bleek goes plantinuim, hell has frozen over). the beat, depending who you talk to is either by 9th wonder or just blaze, is rather nice and hopefully it means jay is coming back. frankly, i can't stand to see 50 as the king of new york. for as hard as he may seem, 50 releases nothin' but the girly songs as his singles.

if anything, i feel like the kid at the end of shane, just begging jay to come back after listening to "dear summer".

i wonder if these girls like the song, "across 110th street" by bobby womack as much as i do? related, i think one of those girls is in robin brown's film and currently on the sidebar of this very website. i can't confirm nor deny, so i sent him an email asking because you know, he's hard at work, editing the thing and he probably sees her face like every day on his g5 or there'll be some clever, plucky, far more insightful reader who'll say, yeah, it's the same person. but on the real, the girl in yellow is blowin' my mind like the grades i'm getting this semester at school. [ed. note: robin brown confirmed that it is the girl from his film, and from personal experince, she's a nice person]

related, how good do girls look in green? like bright greens? it may not be the it color for the season, but when a cute girl cruises by in a nice shade of green, is so refreshing and calming; it's like a freshly cut lawn, but you know with boobies and shit.

i aspire to be fair & balanced, but i can't when i'm talking about the films i've been working on for the past couple of months. luckly, i got to see three of the four films and yeah, they're really good. if you're a film student or been one or are film teacher, then you know most student films are horrible. either it's a period piece set during the roaring 40s that comes off like a remake of bugsy malone (am i the only one that was forced to watch this movie while in daycare?) or it's a knockoff of whatever director is hot right now or it's just something terriblely personal that nobody but the director can relate to or there are characters in the film that don't represent anything but being cool. watching student films gives me mixed feelings; oh, i can do better than that guy or it's, geez, i think i'd end up making movie like that dude did.

yet, bento productions' stuff does not scream out 'film student'. example, colter freeman's facility 4. the acting is spot on and the thing just flys by. most shorts feel longer than they actually are, but with facility 4, it runs the perfect length and it leaves the audience wanting more. i mean, michael bay look at this film and do a full length version of it instead of remaking old horror films. the thing is like new wave horror or if you want to be clever, post modern.

unforunately, the trailers for derek doi's job one and morgan alhborn's fate are not on line, yet, but i can tell you that they're good and frankly, it's quite an excellent feeling to see your name in closing credits in two good films that are screened back to back. more to come in the near future.

while i may still believe in the curse of the babe of the week, et's new corresponant and former babe of the week, vanessa minnillo sorta reverses the curse, red sox steez. while she may not be as killer as maria menounos, we'll sign off on vanessa minnillo as a beyond suitable replacement.

does anybody think that mena suvari's husband actually saw her up close and realized his wife is a total monet and is leaving on a jet plane, mos def/dj honda collabo steez minus the whole coming home part.

is there a market or a need for a book about the heavy metal horror films from italy in the 80s? just putting it out there cause i think there needs to be an academic discussion about a movie where a monkey attacks people with a straight razor.

david lynch is about tackling my potential screenwriting turf, with inland empire, yet i'm not threaten because i can say, most likely, we're not gonna be writing about the same things

if mtv2 wants to keep getting buzz, they should cancel that awful "team sanchez," and show you can awesome after wonder showzen. "you can awesome" is in a similar vein to wonder showzen and just as funny. check out the clips.


At 3:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

who are you? some anonymous person posted this link on my lj asking if it was me...who is this?

At 6:25 PM , Blogger ethan said...

across 110th street is fucking awesome.


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