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May 2, 2005

end of the century

coachella, smochella. i had a fine weekend without being in the sun, like actually bearable, comfortable, good weather and listening to really good bands play. i worked on a paper that i'm currently having writer's block on about a film about a director with director's block and i went to the park where it seems like everybody goes to have their wedding portraits taken (ever seen the marcos siega version of weezer's "island in the sun"? it was like that, but with ducks). saw a rough cut of johnny benson's adventures in the blogosphere, to which i have to say, if the wb ever wanted to do a single camera comedy show, but you know, keeping it with the confines of their bread & butter, angsty, outta contronl attractive young people, then they should buy the rights to it from robin brown. seriously, i haven't seen a more attractive cast since "dawson's creek" in it's prime.

yet the biggest discovery of the everybody's at coachella, so i'm at home weekend was a site called, the face book. while this may be old news to some, this site blew my mind, only because it makes stalking so much easier than ever before. for those who don't know, face book is another off shoot of myfriendsterspace, but it connects everybody through their college. so you sign up with your student email address and basically, you can track down anybody else on it who goes to your college or you know, find people you went to high school with. that's good and fine, but here's the thing, say you're some dude and you always see this one girl on campus and she blows your mind or there's a girl in one of your classes and you know, how most classes these days are like a 100 kids in one big room, so you don't have the oppurnity to get know anybody. well, create an account and just search through the profiles and maybe you'll find out the name of person, but also, where they live, if they live on campus and maybe their cell number. yes, information like that is entered on the person's own accord, but i mean, that just takes being creepy to the whole next level. here's the person's name, and here's the building they're in and hey, if you wanna call them, here it is. at least with myspace, there's a name and maybe a screenname, but that's about it. with face book, they give you the whole enchillida; so i can neither support nor condemn(even though, i think i already did) the face book.

although, it sorta helped me figure out the deal of this girl in one of my classes is and i learned that me and one other guy on campus like joanna newsom. perhaps, the problem with it, none of the cool kids are apart of yet it or at least there aren't people like this guy who basically collect friends are apart of it. then again, and sorry cool kids, but maybe you know, they're not on it because you can only have one picture.

speaking of coachella, did anybody catch kcrw's nic hardcort rocking out to gang of four? i don't know why, but i just imagine him standing on the side of the stage, doing a little shirky dance and smiling like a child on christmas morning during their set.

can explain to me why again they cut the number of episodes of "arrested" to put on that extra shit sandwich of episode of "the simpsons"? seriously, did anybody laugh at all during the one about bart getting fat? i mean, way to sock it to the vending machine culture of america, but i watch the simpsons to laugh and i haven't laughed at an episode in a year or two.

with the recent disapointment of fever pitch and the absolute disaster known as taxi, is it safe to say that this isn't the face of a movie star nor will it ever be the face of a successful movie star. personally, i don't get the appeal of jimmy fallon and apparently neither does the movie going public, but i guess people think he's funny and i can sorta respect that. i think he does a rather excellent impression of pat o'brien and i was a fan of the 'jeffery's' sketchs as well as the moring zoo stuff, but jimmy fallon doesn't have the chops to be a movie star. he's better suited for television, if anything. pu himt into a sitcom and it'll do well because fallon only works in bits and pieces. imagine, some wacky premise of jimmy fallon as wild morning show disc jockey whose got a stalker after him; basically it'd be the funnier version of talk radio.

in respone to people's magazine of the 50 most beautiful people, i present to you, skeet on mischa's 50 most beautiful hipsters as seen on the cobra snake:
-this party crew, especially the dude flipping the bird
-this guy and his dog; because you know, chicks just love dogs (ed. note: i have yet to run into a girl who has been interested in me because of my dog)
-this girl cause she hates bras
-these dudes cause their facial hair is awe inspiring
-this girl because she won't catch a cold and will be a mom who'll always tell her kids to buddle up
-this girl makes me want to sell everything and move to new york
-this guy because if he showed up to your party, he wouldn't stop dancing until you forced him into a car cause it's 3 in the morning and you gotta go to a brunch with your folks in the morning
-this girl because you could probably talk to her about panasonic 24p cameras and she'd know about it than you do, then she would talk about she edits on her laptop while stuck in traffic on the 101
-this dude cause he's indie rock kenny g
-this dude simply cause his hair is so good that you believe it's a wig.
-not the dude, but those girls, only because it makes you rethink that idea of taking guitar lessons
-this dude because he's worked real hard all day long and now he's gonna work real hard at havin' some fun on the dance floor
-this party crew, simply cause, well look.
-this dude because, remember how all the girls in high school were into the dark, quiet, brooding types? well, this is that guy from high school and he still pulls more chicks, just by crusing around with a hood on and girls are still are into that type
-this girl cause she knows how to make an enterance at a ball, seinfeld steez
-this dude because he told us which way to go in order to go to the beach
-this girl cause she took that whole stevie nicks vibe to the next level
-this dude is beyond double fisting it, he's just doubling fist or maybe, i'm amazed that somebody can hold two beers in his hand
-this couple because they're gonna have cute hip kids who wear baby diesel to pre school and take their mini ipods chalk full of feist tunes, you know cause she's mellow
-this brother & sister because he's distrubing the neon blonde album and she was in the last good movie i saw
-this girl because when i was doing research, i saw her earlier wearing the same exact t-shirt; so she's beautiful because she bucks the fashion norms of never wearing the same thing twice
-once again with this guy, he's just got a strong spirit and fully committed to keepin' the scene alive
-this girl only because she made me feel better about my inability to handle my alcohol or at least, at that one halloween party
-this girl because you just know she did something sneaky, like spilled a drink on somebody or gave a guy the wrong number or something that is so mind blowing, that i can't even begin to think it up, you know. she's telling her buddy, 'look, look, look' and her friend is like, 'at what?'
-this dude because there's something about big jesus pieces and even bigger glasses
-this girl because she reminds me of somebody i know or at least think i know; you know those people that look people you know, but they aren't
-what's not beautiful about a couple of girls in a hot tub at a party in the hollywood hills?
-i guess that the party people are beautiful, but more or less, i'm talking about how the overall scene is beautiful because just look at all of the chaos going on.
-some of us spend are whole day practicing goofy faces where as there are some who are just born with it and this is one of them
-sometimes, people are beautiful because of the art they make and other times, people are beautiful because they used to be in straight edge emo bands and now they're the lead singer of a group that sings songs about coke.

all right, well, i couldn't come up with 50 jokes without being repetitive, so i'm callin' a quits right here.

and with that said, boys and ghouls, i'm out for the week. finals is coming up and it'll be a bitch, so i need to focus up and make sure everything is on point. so please, don't forget to check out pat o'brien on dr phil on cbs on wednesday night, it's going to be so fucking hot, but besty won't be that into it.


At 12:21 AM , Blogger diane said...

the double fisting beer holding dude is the waiter i'm completely in love with who works at 101 coffee shop. i think he might be catching on. but the night that picture was taken i introduced myself to him at that bar, he rememberd too. good pick.

At 4:05 PM , Blogger Ian said...

The reason Facebook has been such a boon in my intraweb-intensive life (such is law school) can best be summed up by this:

"From: thefacebook.com [mailto:confirm@thefacebook.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 3:09 PM
To: mcmorgan@uga.edu
Subject: ian cohen says you're in a relationship...

Ian Cohen has requested to add you as his girlfriend, but before
we can do that, you must confirm that you are actually in a relationship

To confirm this request, go to:

thefacebook team."

Maybe it's just me who gets a kick out of it.

At 3:17 PM , Blogger thä Dýna§ý said...

yeah facebook is good times...
but how am i gonna holla at my community college hoes?


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