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May 4, 2005

fast times at ridgemont high

okay, so today was weird day on campus. when i first got there around like 12:30pm, we had some kids breakin', but it felt like an episode of "dance 360"

the problem with cali indie hip hop is that like after one or two songs, it gets boring and rather repetitive. yeah, you rap old school style and yeah, your shit doesn't sell but you rock so well. you know, give me jim jones or like mr. lif because they make me laugh or have something interesting to say. like madlib is interesting and del when produced by automator is cool, but most cali rap is dull.

then like, an hour later, we had this going on...

the juxaposition between nerdy b-boys and jesus freaks is probably like a scene in a bunuel film, but you know there's something rather exciting about some babe arguing with a jesus freak about religion and what not, yet at the same time, am i smart enough to hang with this girl? although, being apart of yelling angry twenty somethings was rather funny because alot of us would just move from one guy to the other when we got bored or whichever one would respond to the wise cracks about jesus being on myspace.

related, i saw probably the hottest girl i've seen on campus, all semester long, but i got sketched cause she was handing out flyers for the gay, straight & bisexual alliance meeting that week and i was like, do i have to listen "pink triangle" by weezer?

further related, there's a guy watching the demostration who was a) wearing a mesh shirt b) had white hair with a pink mohawk streak and c) dude was riding a lower bicycle. basically, homeboy looked like a dave foley character from "kids in the hall".

it should be noted, that we at skeet on mischa, love pretty much everybody in the world cept those who talk during movies and jerks who drive giant trucks with their high beams on at night. those people are dicks.


At 8:55 PM , Blogger peter said...

this post rocks.

At 1:33 PM , Anonymous Feaverish said...

Usually when the Jesus freaks and chicks get into it at my school, someone's shirt ends up coming off.


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