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May 19, 2005

for macy

the stress levels from finals are running rather high on campus these days. people are takin' it out on helpless toliets and since monday, i've been nearly ran over two times while going to my car at school. i know that i got some enemies, foes, haters, and people who have a bit of disdain for me, but not enough disdain to try run me over.

much respect to colter freeman, whose film facility 4 got nominated for 6 awards including best picture at the chapman film school awards. if it doesn't win, i'm gonna riot, clash style.

who doesn't believe that mtv will eventually do a true life special entitled, "true life: i'm a blogger" ? since most media outlets (hi there, cnn) have blown the concept of these things way out of preporation, it just seems fitting that mtv would waste an hour of television interviewing republicans who take their writing way too seriously and believe they're the new woodward & bernstein. i would throw my hat into the ring, only because i want to meet the videographer who has the unforunate job of having to film me typing on my computer and play air piano and lip sync to neon blonde songs, cause you know, that's how i get creative. although, i'd pay top dollars to see trent pink steel on an episode of "cribs" though; would be infinity more interesting than some motorcross guy nobody knows about, everybody loves trent.

speaking of blood brothers side projects, if you're into hardcore and nick van zinner, then check out head wound city, if you haven't already. it's got justin from the locust involved as well, so you know, either, it's the most brilliant thing ever for you and you'll buy all the merch or you'll be bummed cause its too loud and sorta bummed that some fat fashionlcore guy will be wearing their shirt in a bad video on mtv2. personally, i'd gland that nick van zinner is doing something interesting as opposed to helping conor obsert craft his snoozer of a "kid a" impression. also, weird, karen o always reminded me of justin pearson, so it's ironic that nick van zinner is doing a record with him.

i guess this would only apply to la peeps and i believe that robin brown came up with the idea of calling it a game, but anyways, it's called the tennessee game. like it every time, i'm at a show, i see tennessee of the like there. so the next time you're at a show with your friends and who ever spots tennessee first wins a beer or something. related: i like the new look of the like website; much love to alex berg's drawings.

this is like, "losing my edge" style here because much like james murphy, i can claim, i was there and that woman's top was pretty out of hand. i saw her way earlier on because i was fourth in line, right behind this guy talking about the evolution of punk rock and why cbgb is a national landmark or something like that; real nerd speak, then again, me and my friends were talking about short films and film theorys, equally as nerdy; then that woman cruised by with that top on and everybody including punk rock historian dude stopped their conversation, checked it out and wondered how those things stayed inside and then some of us thought that homeboy is lucky, but he'd just say to us, "nah, dude, it's skill, but none of that napoleon bonerpart bobby bonilla skills"

once again, "losing my edge" steez here cause i was up that close and i saw this photographer rock out during the show. okay, so this middle age photographer who probably spends most of his job shouting at paris hilton to turn around, actually danced a bit while up in front at the lcd soundsystem while hipster fucks didn't dance at all. i'm sorry but who's hipster in this situation? the photographer and basically, i'm sport from taxi driver and i see the cool kids and i'm tellin' 'em, "buddy, you don't look hip"

skeletor's daughter aka lohan just does not strike me as the j.j. abrams type of casting, let alone casting for action film. honestly, it just seems like the whole thing would be play for laughs if lohan is running around, shooting guns at bad guys or trying to fend off people with karate. not even mentioning the fact, that lohan is just basically bones and a horrible dye job. it just seems like a casting decision tom cruise wanted to do because you know, lohaeletor is hip, young, and the kids like her, but by that same definition, cruise should be asking paris hilton and jimmy fallon to be in m-i 3 as well, since they're young and hip as well. from j.j. abrams' perspective, this might be his big cinematic break, but the fact is, he got hired because he's a first time film director and will be easy to bully around by tom cruise. these mission impossible films are just vanity films and i don't understand why he, himself direct one because only he can set up that shot where the audience will sort buy into the concept that he's tall for once. not to mention, j.j. abrams should just keep on crankin' out those episodes of "lost," did you see it last night? so good. i mean casting lohan in an action movie makes about as much sense as casting tara reid in a movie, period.

while the tv gods smiled on us and gave us a third season of "arrested development," which is great and all, but the powers of the tv gods did not reach the executives over at nbc for they decided to pass on rodeny rothman's "early bird," which would've based on his book of the same title. while i have yet to read the book, i had seen the pilot and sorta wrote about it a few weeks back. i thought it was smart, funny and relatable. i guess the networks are scared of single camera shows without a laugh track, but the fact is "early bird" is a show with pretty much universal appeal, since it's about a guy in his late 20s struggling to find meaning in his life and he ends up living with those who've already found meaning to their life in a retirement community. it's high concept, but it's not a high concept/low laughs type of show like that lorne michaels thing that got picked up for mid season. i can't say i speak for everybody, but you know, i would be interested in a show about a character that's sorta the same age as myself and much like myself, has no clue what to do after college and being fired from a job; i can relate, but a show that's basically john kerry version of "fat actress,"? did anybody else watch an episode of that show after the free showing of the first one? maybe, i'm too wide eye and hopeful when it comes to comedy that everybody will want to see the same thing and laugh at the same thing, but i guess not everybody watches the local community college's tv station for the student news shows because they're hilarious like i do.

besides, while the tv gods gave the world another season of "arrested development," it's on a monday night now. why move it? it was in the perfect time slot, right after the simpsons. it was the reward for stomaching another dana gould shit storm of a simpsons. it was the prize in the box of ceral after watching an episode that made no sense whatsoever and threw in some lamey, half assed political message. seriously, i think we all should send matt groening copies of that feist album, "let it die" not only because it's a good album, but he should take a hint from the title of that album. seriously, let it die.

do you think i could probably get with jennifer love hewitt after her new show fails? while your humble narrator isn't too into pears, i would like to be seen in the tabliods. after watching "chaotic," i sorta aspire to be dirtybagging on kevin federline's level and i think i could pull off being d-ren for jlh and basically, we'd try to sell a pilot that i'd write for her about an orange county socialite who has a new next door neighbor, e-40! basically, it's fresh prince meets the oc but with more bowl cuts.

speaking of "chaotic," when it did not make me want to throw up, i found myself fascinated by felicia, her personal assitant. i could care less about brit-brit and her zoom happy little fingers, let's look into the world of felicia and how much of a waking nightmare her life is every day. i can barely be around friends for no more than 4 hours, so i can't even begin to imagine spending 12 to 15 hours at a time with some over caffinated redneck constantly shoving a camera in my face. i would not be surprised if felicia pulls a 'skippy' in a couple of years on dear old brit-brit and honestly, there would be no jury in america that would find felicia guilty because her lawyers would just have to show an episode of "chaotic," and they'd ask if they could award felicia some money for doing the right thing.

and finally, our pick for america's next top model, detroit rock city's naima won the thing last night. we would've talked about naima earlier in the season, but you know, it's that skeet on mischa babe curse thing; we didn't want to jinx it for her.


At 10:55 PM , Anonymous mark haslam said...

And did you hear Lindsey Lohan is in an Altman film...and it sounds kinda like Nashville, so pretty much an amazing combo.
Any simpsons anymore feels like a halloween episode, in terms of randomness, but generally terrible...i thought they had some solid jokes in one of those two episodes, but i forget. Bad sign i suppose.


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