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May 25, 2005

george constanza status part 3

okay, first off, i dunno about your blog, but my blog was sorta taken down yesterday for unknown reasons and technical issues. so i'm not even sure if this went thru or not. if it's up, kosher. it's not up, this does not mean skeet on mischa is dead. it's still alive, but just give us another minute while we figure things out.

and secondly, is there any way that we as americans can put a gag in g.w. bush's mouth tonight. it's the "lost" season finale and if that gets pre-empted so g.w. can stumble over his words and talk about how bad steriods in baseball is and how much he hates stem cell research and cloning. i don't want that, i want to see what's in the hatch.

and thirdly, can we also prevent all the kroq weiners from hording and buying up all the bloc party tickets for next weekend's shows at the el rey. some of us, mainly me have yet to see bloc party in person and frankly, i need to point my finger at the band and sing right with, "i can say the right things" and "how did you get so cool" or at least my version of lyrics.

and fourthly, that chapelle show season 2 dvd is really nice, if only for the bonus disc of bloopers and stand up. still laughing at some joke about steve harvey.


At 12:53 PM , Anonymous Kyle said...

Don't open the hatch.


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