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May 10, 2005

if a guy named shunkur shows up, tell him i'm in the back

must extend apologizes to those who read every day looking for something to read, but shit, finals is a bitch and i think i might've popped a blood vessel in my eye last night, but i just laid down for a while and it was fine.

perhaps, it's too much time in front of a computer and a tv screen that's cause all of the eyeball strains. that and the caffine headaches.

so just give me a minute, everything will turn out lovely.

yet, allow me to break you off a moment of brevity:

is it weird to consider that maybe somebody in a class of yours could be preggers? i mean, like at the start of the school year, she appeared to be normal weight, yet as the semester wore, the heavier she got. is it rude to believe she's preggers or would be nicer to call those extra lbs 'the freshmen 15'?

i ain't talkin' about anybody in particular, i'm just sayin' that's all.

ps. if you're a female writer or know of a female writer who has nothing to do with your time, email me because i need like a ghost writer pretty much for the next couple of weeks. i figure, it'd be funny to have a woman write a dudeblog, if you will. imagine like funny captions about some hot dude from the cobra snake and posts taht are actually spelled correctly and have been proof read. so if you know anybody or are that person, holla!

pps. if anybody knows diplo, tell him if he doesn't do already, to play 2 live crew's "me so horny" when m.i.a. does "$10". shit would not be banannas cause that's a played out statement; so shit would be like ice cream sandwiches.


At 3:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will ghost write!


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