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May 26, 2005

kids with guns (revised 10:48am pst)

am i alone in my maddness over why didn't i think of this idea first? i mean, honestly? or at least, i hope that goofy guys with digital cameras in other states are getting their own ideas to start up their own site. take it back to the old punk rock aestheic, if you will. no scene is more important than your own scene. so i'm hoping a kid out in arizona is scratching his chin and thinking that he could do that. i hope that maybe there's a girl out in alabama thinking of doing it for her local hardcore scene because you know, everybody probably sees each other at the shows, but now they can feel like cewebrities. it doesn't matter if your photos of party people in la hanging out with andy dick or if its photos of some willamsburg babe flashing her boobies at misshapes, the photos of your own scene is gonna be interesting. and over time, if you're a goofy guy in a small scene where everybody knows everybody and people dig what you do, eventually or at least, hopefully you'll reach a point where you'll get to take a photo of yourself with your paws down some cute girl's shirt. shit is like fields of dreams. if you take pictures, they will flash.

anybody else heard the new common album, "be", yet? pretty nice, but the album solidifies kanye west's standings as the new p diddy. like three tracks are produced by dilla while the rest is kanye and he's on top of the track, saying some junk like the same p was saying stuff on biggie records. i just sorta wish kanye would stick to making beats and not trying to be all up in the video or whatever suge said at the source awards that one time, but never the less, i'll be there the day that "late registration" drops.

tarantino & rodriguez are gonna make a horror movie together; two short films, released as one as apart of the new weinstein group. that's cool to see tarantino making a straight up horror film, hopefully it'll be in the vein of italian heavy metal horror, but i dunno if he could crank anything by spring '06. not to mention, what about inglorious bastards? when's that supposed to go down? always distracted. i bet you tarantino shots the thing on digital.

so the other day, i was talking about how me and phil spector sorta have the same hair do, but i lacked the photos to prove it, well, dudes, i rest my case:

that's phil spector. pretty scary, eh? he's not guilty, right?

and this is me. now, i know it doesn't look that bad, but i'm telling if i don't get a hair cut today, but within a month, my hair will be like that and i'll be the ruiner of peoples' enjoyment at the movies. you know, some guy coming in to the theater during the first trailer, sees the seat behind me is the only free seat and has to suffer through the new batman movie with bits of an afro in his face. it'd be like the time, me and my friends went to see moulin rouge but we intended to be mean to people that night. yet, the thing is, i may have phil spector hair, but ladies and gentlemen, i'm not phil spector crazy. yeah, i'm crazy, but not on that degree of craziness.

for as lame i think cnn's "inside the blogs" segment is, there still is apart of me that wishes they would shout me out. yet i don't know how to get on it because i'm not political. i mean, what can i say? george bush sucks, howard stern rules, recall schwarzenegger and to improve the california economy, do more night time construction. yes, it'll cost more to pay the workers at night, but they'll have more money and they'll want to spend the money and people will get to work much more easily and may not hate on their job as much. i dunno, happy people do happy things.

and finally, yesterday was the end of my first semester of real college and amongst many things i learned, perhaps my favorite was, private college, fake boobies. state schools, real boobies. think about it.

ps. go ahead and get your bloc party tickets for next weekend. i gots mine.


At 3:30 PM , Blogger Mick said...

Interesting post title. I've been waiting for that album to come out since 2K1 when I saw the "clint eastwood" video on late night MTV. (yeah, back when they showed videos, even though they were late at night. Now late night MTV gives us marathons of the Real World, or similar garbage). Inform the masses Douglas! Gorillaz rock the house.

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Ummmm...son, I would have hoped you learned more than which campus is real and which is fake. You know, maybe something useful and productive. Just a thought from Dad.

At 8:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doug, I think you should post MP3's on this blog. I pretty much get all my hip new music from scenestars, seeing as how I live in Michigan, but they're in Memphis so that's like 6 one way, half dozen the other.

You put what you've got in the couper on there, but bring the jams to us so we can listen along. Do what the girl at A Small Victory does and post them for an evening, so we can check in for HOT DOUGLAS REINHARDT LISTENING NINJA TIME.

I thought of this while I was at a business dinner and a light jazz version of "I.Z.Z.O (Hova)" came on in the background and only me and another young person at the table got it. Make of that what you will.


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