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May 4, 2005

me against the music

sometimes, there are moments that just bring your humble narrator out of imposed breaks beceause either, they're just too good not to write about or i'm just worried that i'll forget them in a week's time and it'll lose all meaning and importance for me. with that said...

being a film student, i have to watch alot of film for my classes. so, my second home on campus is the av floor of the school library and i know the ins and outs of the various dvd players. there are a couple of players that can only handle the dvds i have to watch for my new asian cinema class (alot of the required films have yet and will most likely not be released in america any time soon). let's just put aside the matter of there being only one copy of a required film to watch in the library. that budget matters, but you know whatevs. what my problem lies specificly with this one girl and this one bro i ran into one of the av rooms.

before i had gone into this room, i was sent to another room that had one of these special players, but it was being used by somebody else. so i'm sent to this other room with the special player and it's being used by this girl, who basically embodies every single cliche that we'll eventually see on vh-1's "i love the 2000s" or "i loved the late 90s, part 3," with this gigamrous lower back tatatto (how rebelious, that your whole back is covered by a butterfly just like every other girl in her 20s), but she's not using the dvd player, she's just using the vcr resting on top of it. now basically, this girl made herself more than home in front of the montior as she has her laptop out, writing away.

all be it, i was going to watch the dvd i had with me as a way to kill time before the dvd i really wanted/needed to watch was checked back in; the only copy one, but still, i wanted to watch some of this movie, so i'll have a leg up for the exam in a week or two. i tell the girl that i need to use that dvd player to watch this because it's the only one that the dvd will work. now, all this girl had to do, was scooted over about a foot, two feet at the max, to the next vcr over. yet for this girl, you would think i was asking to her make sophie's choice or some shit. two feet. it'd still be the same movie, same spot, and typing away on the same laptop. eventually, she slide over to the next station.

so the scene is this, there's me trying to watch this japanese film, then there's sophie's choice watching her video and fast fowarding through 'the boring parts,' and there's dudebro watching some spanish film, in a room the size of a shoebox, and nobody is wearing headphones. the staff provides headphones and i would have worn the headphones, but there was no avaiable headphone jack for the dvd player i was using. so i'm watching my movie and my volume level is at like an 8 or 9 and this dude says to me, "hey bro, is that your movie that's really loud? can you turn it down?" i said it was my movie and if i could i would use my headphones, but you could use the headphones they gave me, then i proceed to slid the box towards the guy. of course, the loud movie was sophie's movie and she had a pair of headphones and her set up had headphones jacks, but no, she can't be bothered to listen to her movie with headphones on.

so i'm trying real hard, ringos, but i just don't have the attention span to do so (i'm a child of the 80s and i have a.d.d.). even after, the dudebro finishes his movie, it was still hard to focus. mainly because, the dudebro managed to make every single nosie humanly possible as he left. sure, we've all done the loud thing when people are trying to be quiet, but you know, when you're on the side of the stick, it's total and utter bullshit. sure, it's hipocritical, but whatevs, you try reading subtitles while some dude is basically packing for a weekend camping trip in the same room as you and about three feet away from you. basically, i was unable to watch the film and it was getting close to the time that the movie i wanted to see would be back in. so i stopped and stalked the return desk, only to hear this sophie bitch talk shit on me being rude and what not.

while, this week may be greek week (i'm pretending to be greek), so i can chalk up my rudeness to being greek, but how fucking rude is this girl? did she not take into consideration the other people when she watched her movie at like 15 when she could've rocked a pair of headphones; did she not take into consideration what the filmmakers were trying to get across to the viewer during what she would call, "boring parts"?

related: takashi miike's audition is probably one of the best films i've ever seen. the way i felt after watching it, was like the way i felt after requiem for a dream. so can we please this film into a special vault that will prevent it from ever being remade by any hacky american director cause shit is perfect. and if i were ever a casting director, i'd have a huge poster for this film hanging in my office, just to give people the wiles and make smart people giggle.

can i holla at you? holla, holla, holla, holla, holla, holla, what's wrong with ya?

so far, that new quasimoto album is kinda of nice. although as of this minute, our favorite mc has to be mr lif; for some reason, i'll just end up listening to his verse on edan's album like thirty six times in a row. anybody know if the perceptionists record is any good

i got to extend a big fuck you over to page six for suing page six six six. just because perez hilton is doing a better job than you guys are and probably is more tv friendly than the lot of you doesn't mean you have to sue him.

and let us not forger that today is pat o'brien day. so either set your tivo to cbs from 8pm to 9pm tonight or get your party crew together and construct your own pat o'brien drinking game. take a shot every time they play the voice mail; take a shot when dr. phil yells at pat o'brien and most importantly, shotgun a beer when pat o'brien asks dr. phil if he wants to go crazy, get some coke and some hookers.


At 11:06 AM , Blogger spencer said...

i liked this post a lot.

smiles all around skeeter

At 2:00 PM , Blogger Dan said...

The Perceptionists record is pretty dope. The beats are nice old school flavored boom bap beats and Lif and Akrobatik rip it pretty much the whole way through (with the exception of the obligatory love letter song, which is mad cheesy). Go cop it. I'll have to check out the Quas record, and good lookin' out on that Edan record, that's a hot one.

And since we're on the topic of hip hop, how redonk is that new Kanye, "Diamonds"? Hands down, best Kanye beat ever.


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