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May 18, 2005

Rjd2 and M.I.A.

RJD2 played at UCLA last night. I have really nothing to say to that other than it was a great show. I love watching (am embarassed at) the World Arts and Crafts majors flailing their bodies about in their version of tribal/break dancing to the hip hop stylings of RJD2.

That show ended at 9:15pm which gave Alice and I ample time to get to the Echo for the M.I.A. show. Surprisingly, Asian scenester Dj Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire was nowhere to be found. A surprise because he has somehow attached himself to Diplo and M.I.A.'s collective pelvic bone. (I shouldn't talk shit, he's a really really nice guy) Later I found out he was at Cinespace ( Yes, spit in my face, I went to Cinespace after the M.I.A. show). As usual, she was beautiful/radiant/moved like a high class Sri Lankan call girl.

The crowd at the echo was definitely more eclectic than the El Rey. Energy at the echo was much higher, probably because the pretention was at an alarming low. Otherwise how else would this freak of a thirty year old have been able to exist without feeling the burn of a hundred searing hipster glares. If only I had pictures, but stay with me. Thirty or so caucasian female, stringy brown hair, fish net tights, Doc Martin creepers, Retro-inspired glasses, ill fitting cotton skirt that I am positive she got from Hot Topic's voluptious woman line Torrid, and an attitude to match. I am one for individuality in style, but if it's going to be offensive, please stay home. Yea, I'm a hater. Whatever.

M.I.A.'s set was the same as the El Rey so it ended relatively early. What's to do on a Tuesday night? Head over to Cinespace to enjoy a gaggle of LA scenesters and awkward sorority girls. The only excitement was Carlos D. of Interpol fame walking in, in his usual get up (holster, black tailored shirt and pants and shellaced hair). Watching girls throw themselves at Carlos D. was watching the spread of Herpes in action.


At 3:28 PM , Blogger tony said...

this makes me happy:

"WAC majors flailing their bodies about in their version of tribal/break dancing..."

i am all too familiar with this sight.

At 6:35 PM , Anonymous acehole said...

i saw RJd2 a few months ago in phily,..in a tiny ass club and it was the shit. he was mixin in some nice ass shit. thats it.


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