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May 8, 2005

she picked metalcore, so she has to live with metalcore

it's good to see o.j. back out on the scene, again. having a good time and what not. be on the prowl for the enviable cameo on last night's party.

if i ever left my house other than to go to school, i'd write something like the oc idiots. instead, i spend my saturday nights writing about kubrick films, crafting clever profiles for consumating [ed. note: at the time, this was written, only one person wants to do us on consumating.com; so, we're a bit bummed) and doing the rapper dance to mr lif songs in the kitchen. frankly, the oc weekly should have those oc idiots write the magazine for them because who actually gets beyond the cover of an oc weekly? the cover is usually a shot of some atypical bro-ho who thinks she's a model cause her boyfriend has a clothing company and she's in the internet catalog and the main story is always about some obscure legal matter that i'd be aware of if i lived like in h.b. or something, but i don't live there; i have no interest. sure, the fundamental goal of journalism is to expose the unheard problems, plights, and overall situations to the masses, but you know, i aint got time to bleed, let alone, spend the time while waiting to get my burrito made at chipolte to read about club promoters who dress like ryan seacrest and columunist who consider long beach apart of the oc.

since they have pretty much throw everything including the kitchen sink into this season of "the oc," why not work the angle of ryan starting up his clothing company. it seems like every way ward, disenfranchese, eXtreme teen of wealthy parents starts one. they all have a singular vision of reinventing th way we see the iron cross as a logo. i mean, i even tried to start my own clothing company in high school. didn't sell that many t-shirts, but i did manage get one of those giant banners of fight club for my office in trade for a t-shirt. and no, there were no iron crosses, just bad photoshopped pictures stolen from maxim.

related: holy shit, how annoyning is seth cohen these days? don't you just wanna take him and throw him over the pier? most annoyning character on television since the cast of real world: philly. also, the same goes for zach aka the male anna whose not interesting nor a wearer of horrible hats that would cause me to say, "i hate hats like that," while sitting next to a person who was the same exact hat and one can only imagine the amount of back pedaling i had to.

breaking news: i felt extremely sorry for e!'s giuliana depandi because she had come into the e! studios on the weekend to shot an very unnecessary, all points bulletin, news break thing that air at the start of every commerical break on saturday for the announcement of bennifer 2: electric bugaloo's kid. now, if a celebrity died, yeah, interupt a show and have the news brief like every other commercial break. but, i mean, it's just jennifer garner. it's a story that can wait until monday. i mean, if anything, this kid at first, we're gonna totally be into and look forward to it's projects, but you know much like its' parents, we're gonna grow tired of their stuff and ask them to hang it up for a smidge. i mean, don't you remember those few months were ben affleck was kinda cool and you actually watched "alias"? i defy you to find somebody who still actually is into "alias," let alone a person who can actually explain what the show is about, other than saying, 'she's like this spy and that guy from the new j.lo movie is her partner, i guess. i only watched it a couple of times, cause i forgot where the remote was after "lost"."

just a thought, does anybody know if the fan base of system of a down actually listen to the lyrics and take them to heart. sorry to be placating stereotypes, but for my money, it seems that the average s.o.a.d. fan would be a 14 to 18 year old angry white male and i just believe that the message of their music is lost on them. i could be wrong, hopefully i'm wrong, but you know, the whole thing reminds me of rage against the machine back in the day. did anybody really care what zach de la rocha was rappin' about? did they take it to heart and become politicaly active or they couldn't even be bothered with being political with that phat grooves tom morello and the rest of the band were kicking out? i mean, that could explain the success of audioslave. all of those young dudes who blasted rage out of their cars in college and talked about che without any real knowledge of who che was, grew up, cut their dreads, traded in their fresh jive shirts for some ben sherman and a 9-5 and now the soundtrack is audioslave. the phat grooves are still there, but you know, the lyrics are more relatable and the kids can listen since it isn't loaded with swears.

does anybody know if that new stars album is any good? i'm kinda crushin' on the single, "ageless beauty" right about now.

i don't want to be all craig kilborn style here; well, if i was being craiggerscore, i'd be asking if you wanted it tall, grande or ventiti, but anyways, i have to say, l.a. cool kids, i'm proud of you. next sunday's lcd soundsystem show at the el rey is sold out. okay, so we got that taken care of. now, we gotta work on those who refuse to dance, but seriously i aint got time to bleed. so i'll see you there next sunday, i'll be the dude selling fiji water out of his car after the show.

next thing, you're gonna tell that the l.a. cool kids have start up a petition making it mandatory that everybody listens to art of noise's "moments in love" the long version at sunset while drinking some sangria during the summertime.


At 5:26 PM , Anonymous Mayfield said...

Mr. Lifs dreads are the fucking business. Not like it matters or anything, but go take a look! So ridiculous, he could pass those off as a Hot-Topic wig.

Steee for days.

At 9:45 AM , Blogger Ian said...

The Stars album is pretty tight, but really, "Ageless Beauty" is one of those songs where it's tough to evaluate the rest of the album because you've got that joint on repeat (see "The Rat"). Great video too.


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