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May 24, 2005

the universal remonster

chalk it up to either ultra conservite measures of anti piracy or a lazy and bitter projectionist; well whatever it was, it most definately made for a rather interesting movie. i'm not sure if it's an o.c thing or if it's just a regal movie theater thing, but anyways, before the movie starts, there's "the twenty," which i about twenty minutes of commercials from univeral nbc projects and those jerk off tnt ads where actors talk about the meaning of 'drama'. basically, it's the pre show entertainment and its about 20 mind numbing minutes, especially those tnt things. why do i have hear some guy from some tv i don't watch talk about what makes for good drama. so as i'm sitting and waiting for star wars: revenge of the sith to start, "the twenty" of course comes on and features the electronic press kit for ron "arrested development" howard's lates opus, cinderella man, amongst other things.

so eventually the movie starts and it's maybe the 15 minute mark, when all of the sudden, the twenty begins to run again. both things were projected at the same time. i mean i was already sitting next to a person who smelt like an odd mix of chocolate m&ms, milk bones, and maple syrup, now i have to watch ron howard rescue palptine with obi wan & anakin skywalker. honestly, i have no idea how it could happen that two machines are on at the same time, but you really haven't seen star wars until you've seen a commercial for motorcross store at the same time. i guess this could be a preemptive strike against bootleggers and movie pirates, but don't you think they would be a bit more subtle about the whole thing? eventually, the twenty stopped, but the projectionist's schemigoats did not stop for a bit later on, he/she/it briefly threw up the house lights. sure, it was digital projection and it's probably the cleanest print to tape, but come on, it's orange county. whose gonna pirate a movie? prada bags, yeah, of course, but movies, nah never.

it should be noted, that in fact, also got a pass for a free movie due to the projectionist's crack up. as for revenage of the sith, there are moments where the film works, but these moments are few and very far between. parallel editing is cool and all, but georgie boy, don't cut out on a scene when things are getting interesting for some clumsy, forced, unnatural scene with natalie portman and hayden christian. i honestly believe that george lucas has been hanging out with josh schwartz and they're dropping in on community college creative writing classes. geez, the dialogue, my dog can write better dialogue than that. and regardless of what chicks he may be knodling with or how good he is in his next film, hayden christian will forever be a symbol for 'head for the hills'. hayden christian's performane makes chad michael murray look like sir laurance oliver. yeah, the fight sequences are nice, but the thing is genndy tartakovsky's "clone wars" is way more interesting and far more action packed. i want to see jedi fights, not discussions about politics. but at the same time, jimmy smits' cruiser was sorta nice; very mid life crisis sports car steez.

for those with dogs, may i recommend to you, doing a rather througho brusing of your pet. summer is right around the corner and it's better to prevent against shedding as opposed to walk into the living room one morning and your feet get covered in dog hair.

while i can't find a photo of it and you're just gonna have to take my word for it, but when my hair and the hair of murder suspect/amazing record producer, phil spector look very similar, it's time for a haircut. luckly, it's this thursday.

most definately nsfw, but i think i could spend hours reading porn star performance. i can't quite put my finger on it, but i just love reading producers complain about girls they booked and how they flaked out and there's gems like this: "In a perfect world, you would schedule a shoot at 12:30 and everyone would arrive at 12:30. Unfortunately, our world rarely works that way. Being 40 minutes late is not that unusual for a model." maybe it aint that funny for you, but if you've booked somebody for a job.

speaking of nsfw, check out terry richardson's latest campagin for sisley here. while not as distrubing as that josie maran milking cow sisley campagin, it's still pretty nice; feeling the brunette.

and finally, tonight we have another episode of brit brit & k-fed's "chaotic" and all i can say is if that mystery booty girl, keyra can shoot a video(nsfw) of herself by herself without making us throw up, i want to believe that brit brit and k-fed can do the same or is that asking too much of them? related, more keyra here(nsfw).


At 11:46 AM , Blogger Bonham Hathaway said...

Is there ANYthing more exciting than a link with '(nsfw)' written next to it?

At 1:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

tartakovsky rocks me. the five final episodes (aka "Volume II", that they showed this spring) have a part where Anakin has a premonition of becoming vader that is more gripping than anything in the first two movies. also, he understands how to use the frame better than any animator i've ever seen.

At 12:05 PM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

Brilliant Aqua Teen reset. But then again, I've come to expect nothing less than brilliance from D. Reinhardt. Keep it up!


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