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Jun 3, 2005

bigmouth strikes again

when i saw this story on e! news live last night, i thought to myself, what is new york city's number 1 tranny socialite amanda lepore doing with paris hilton, then they said it was lindsay lohan and i was like, "wha happened ?" (fred williard steez). collectively we all should watch mean girls in a gesture of tipping a 40 on the curb for the lohan we once loved this weekend.

related, is it me or does it seem that this so called musical album by paris hilton supposed to have been coming out for like the past 10 years or so? there are two trademark sound bites in a paris hilton interview: first being, "that's hot" and the second is, "i'm working on an album, it's awesome, it's like blondie. people love the first single called, 'screwed'." i mean, how awful is this album and why hasn't it leaked onto the internet yet? i mean, we get leaks of every major album from coldplay to killa cam, yet nobody has a bootleg, an odd duck demo of paris hilton singing? i mean, if le tigre actually did work with her and if they want to re-establish their street cred, they should leak the song they did with her; i mean that will be more political than marching around in george w bush sucks jumpsuits and seriously, by now, the check has to have cleared. these m.i.t. whiz kids have hacked her sidekick, but they can't find a rough, extremely rough demo of paris hilton singing? and why haven't they released the album yet or are the enginners awaiting the arrvial of super duper new version of pro tools that makes anybody sound like gladys knight.

further related, i'm at the point where i'm going to have to say, that lindsay lohan's mom is hotter. say what you will, but the next time, you see a special on lohan and they show her mom and you look at the girl today, you'll be agreeing with me.

were you as disapointed by nbc's "hit me one more time" like i was? so the bands are only on for a week and they don't come back for some mega band off? lame. and the studio audience votes? doublely lame. that audience liked every thing and they're going to be predosiped to vote for their favorite because they got tickets to see a particular group. there are these people who still blast out shit like wang chung like it's the new gorillaz record, so of course, they're gonna vote for them. and the modern covers? triplely lame. if loverboy had done enrique iglesias' "escape" instead of "hero," they would've totally won. "escape" is more of a rocker and perhaps for personal reasons i wanted to hear a rock version, as a tribute to this one hellogoodbye show at the hub(rip) and it was raining and they were playing outside, yet we all huddled around the band and sang at the top of our lungs, "you can run, you can hide but you can't escape my love".

as it stands, stephen from mtv's "laguna beach" home was damaged in the recent laguna beach landslide amongst many other homes or so sayth the laguna beach myspace fan club. slightly weird, i was thinking of doing a "laguna beach" reality tour the other day.

apparently, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. charles reinhardt drops some observational humor science here and there

why does tbs assume that everybody is into altanta braves' baseball? i'm not. braves suck. put on "seinfeld" instead. i know that amajority of the classic "seinfeld" episodes are out on dvd, but i'm too cheap to pick it up/i forget to, and channel 11 shows last season's "simpsons" at 6 and seriously, wasn't watching that trainwreck once enough? i understand if peeps in alt want to watch braves games, but show them on a local network, don't force the whole world to deal with chipper jones' slumping batting average (edit note: chipper jones has a good batting average, but for the sake of comedy, we had to go there).

speaking of baseball, is it me or does every guy in his late 30s to late 40s at a baseball game sound like tom arnold? you know that over excitement over nothing and the consistent interjections of things that they believe are funny but not really. i mean, those guys aren't as bad as mr. know it all. you know the guy who'll be like, "what a weak ass swing. he should've waited for a better pitch." but you just know that guy can barely reach first in his beer bash league.

if you haven't noticed already, i'm back to writing full time. and next week is going to be an experimental one. perhaps it's the start of june gloom or threatening e-mails for upset travis barker fans, but skeet on mischa for one week only will strive to say nothing negative, only positive things. being negative is my crutch, so i think it'll be more of a struggle to say how awesome tuesday night's "chaotic" is gonna be or how i'm looking forward seeing brett ratner direct x3; you know shit like that. if anything, i'm going after mike skinner, pirate material style.

and finally, see you at the bloc party show at the el rey. i'll be the guy in the parking lot frustrated that my grand scheme to put a couple of water bottles in the freezer over night and that gradually condesation while in the car would cause the ice to melt, but pretty much, half of it will be frozen and when i open the bottle, most of the water will end up on my jeans. so look out for that guy, the one with wet stains.


At 11:00 AM , Anonymous dsp said...

loverboy looked like they got ran over by the damn tour bus. it hurt to watch, i had to turn away from the tube. i feel bad for them. oh and they sounded bad on top of the old hit by tour bus look.

At 12:56 PM , Anonymous robot mark said...

I have a paris track if you want it.

Which night are you going to bloc party? I'm going on Saturday.

At 3:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude - How right you are on Dina Lohan. I met DiLo a while back in NYC and she is smokin hot. She had no problem pointing out to any and all that she was LiLo's mother, repeating it several times over the course of the 20 or so minutes I was there. On further recollection, it's better to think of her when she's not talking, but she's still got that slutty hot thing done.

At 9:37 AM , Blogger ethan said...

i think tbs shows the braves because ted turner likes them.

also, did tbs maybe start out as an atlanta station before super-sizing, similar to how chicago's WGN became a "superstation"? i don't know.

At 4:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

TBS was originally an Atlanta-only station, very similar to the WGN thing. That's why they air all the Braves games, because the viewing audience is still mainly ATL.


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