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Jun 10, 2005

the bitch in you

i sincerely believe that buddyhead got it right when they said that the new foo fighters songs sound like beer commerical music. i just heard the single, "best of you" for the first time the other night and i couldn't help myself from talking about malted barley, choice of hops & grains, and cold filtering while it was on. i applaud dave ghrol for doing an extra disc of acoustic numbers simply cause it'll save me for dealing with a boring apperance on the stern show where he sings whatever beer song is big at that moment acoustically. i mean, it just seems that people seem to like by the foo fighters are the solo guitar jawns; maybe dave should quit trying to be bob seger (frankly, ghrol could never ever write a song like "night moves") and try to be a mainstream devandra banhart.

oh sacrelig!

can we either get steve jobs or stone steve from dell computers to help out the cobra snake with his computer problems. this is a problem that affects everybody. me, cause i have no material to write on and you have nothing to laugh about, so it's a lose-lose situation. i mean i could do captions on photos from last night's party but it doesn't feel natural and i'm only interested on one person and basically homegirl is like the nike swoosh of nyc hipsters; patent pending, naturally

if your june aint gloom, then go outside this weekend.


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