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Jun 27, 2005

bread & butter

jordana brewster can have my bread & butter.

partially related, how slept on is "bread & butter" by beanie siegel & brand nubian? why didn't dame dash release this as the single instead of that snoozer of a 2001 neptunes song, "don't stop"? i know beans is in jail and all, but still put out a decent song. probably the best just blaze beat since "breathe" which was only a couple of months ago, but that was the best just blaze beat since "oh boy". and if it wasn't for "trapped in the closet chapter 4," by r kelly, "bread & butter" would've been the single of the year.

can anybody else explain why are the dirty south guys are whispering these days? first there's the rather dreadful "wait" by the ying yang twins, and now there's "play" by david banner. i guess it's sexy to whisper rap over some awful beats; i dunno, give me a 'might getcha' or a 'say i yi yi' any day of the week; whisper rap is about as sexy as asking, "what's your sign?" but you know, joey badass is down with the whispering.

and my last thing about rap music, is it me or does the recent jay-z cameos on the "diamonds are forever remix" and "dear summer feel not like jordan coming back with the 45, but more like jordan taking batting pratice with the chicago white sox or jordan in the wizards' starting five? and can somebody explain how lebron james is connected to the roc? he's on the cover of xxl with kanye, jay-z and foxy brown; so does that mean we're gonna get another vaulted rap record from a heir to jordan's throne? (hi k.o.b.e.!)

to all the girls with the big bazooms. if you don't want to draw attention to it, then don't wear a sheer top with a white bra. dudes already know that spot is just like heaven, don't need to beat them over the head with it. cause you know they look like comfy clouds and what not. anybody else ever have that desire to sleep on a cloud as a child or still hold on that dream of sleeping on something comfy like a cloud?

by the by, big ups on the excellent fill in job at fleshbot by jesus martinez the other day; especially this link(nsfw)

saw george a. romero's land of the dead over the weekend. three times to be specific. yeah, i have that much free time on my hand. now, i'm not gonna do a full fledge review because i figure it'd be an eight page paper and i'll just save that for a rainy day during next semester. i'll say this, i liked the film quite a bit. not totally in love with it, but it's better than day of the dead. it has its moments and i don't know why but to me, it just felt like a paradoy of the matrix and all those resident evil movies.

i once met a girl who went to harvard. bear in mind, this was a few years ago, i was over at somebody's house after the warped tour (it was the one weezer played and i flipped off dickie barrett when he sang horrible) and there was this nerdy girl there. not the cool kind of nerdy that ashton kutcher is pimpin' these days on "beauty & the geek," but like, i've seen pavement in concert 5 times and i go to harvard nerdy. me being me, i asked her if she had seen natalie portman on campus, since at the time, she just started to go harvard and this woman was a complete hater. she was like, 'oh yeah, i've seen her. she's really short and not that pretty in person.' so my experince with harvard chicks isn't that grand, but i bet you dollars to donuts, this harvard chick is ten times cooler and will say that clap your hands say yeah is way overrated. it should be noted, that before the people i was with left, i want to say they threw chicken soft tacos and peed in the pool and threw all the toliet paper in house over their fence. i mean, you gotta stick it to them haters one way or another.

while a friend of mine may like that clap your hands say yeah album, i'm going to have throw the 'i don't get it' card. it's all right. i mean its better than maroon5, but you know, it's not as great as pitchfork proganda has it out to be. although, i agree with everybody on that art brut album. "emily kane" is the new "in your eyes," but only not so much.

and finally, i know i've been slacking and lacking in the updates last and most likely this week as well. i'm telling you i'm up to my elbows in rewrites and writing brand new stuff for this summer school class. and this class is just beyond frustrating because i'm stuck in this holding pattern of a grade. i'm stuck between a and a b and i have no fucking clue as to how i can improve my grade. i can understand being marked down for frequent spelling errors, but to me, being marked down because the professor doesn't like the ending because you know, it's not like finding nemo and it ties everything nicely. you know, me as a writer believes that this ending works and for the most part, the story i wrote has structure. i think i can honestly pin point why nobody goes to the movies anymore, or at least nobody in america goes to the movies anymore, it's these screenwritng courses. people are drilled into believing that everything has to have tension and climaxes. i'm probably wrong because i'm just frustrated.

on the real, if anybody wants to buy the rights to my story, hit me up. its got exploding meth labs and frisbe football.


At 7:12 AM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

...and don't forget high school girls in PE classes, always a sure hook for the teeenage male crowd.

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Exploding meth labs? Sign me up. The world needs more exploding meth labs on the big screen STAT!

At 1:10 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I hate it when profs grade because of their opinions. I used to get a lot of 'the opening paragraph is too wordy.'

Well, you migh think it is, but its not. Its in perfect relation to the rest of the paper. Maybe read the whole paper and then go back and grade. Don't grade me based on your initial impression, bitch!

At 1:23 PM , Anonymous Heather said...

My co-worker whisper sings at work all day long, so maybe it is a dirty south thing?

At 11:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that you actually give a fuck what grade you're getting in a screenwriting class.


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