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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Jun 1, 2005

do you think that abc will promote a spurs vs whoever series as new episodes of "desperate housewives"? you know, since eva longoria will be there, rooting for her latest boy toy, but they could over dramatize things with voice overs like, "who's gaberielle gonna root for? she's torn between two lovers" then cut to some b-roll footage of eva longoria talking to chauncey billups and they seem rather cozy. then the next voice over would say, "tune in tonight to "desperate basketball players". i know that i'm not watching the playoffs and i don't know who else is watching them either. maybe pump things up with some secrets about the next season of "housewives" or tease people that after the final game, they'll reveal what's really in the hatch on "lost".

and finally, i hope that nobody i know's house/home was damaged in in the laguna beach landslide this morning. terrible loss to a beautiful piece of land. and as of this writing, so far only one person has asked if the cast of mtv's "laguna beach" are okay on the mypace group


At 8:41 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Eva's not there to watch the game; she's an L.A. girl. After she has been seen, she's checking the clock and trying to figure out if it's time to head for the exits before everyone else. Eva's ready to booggie on out of there.


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