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Jun 1, 2005

fair and balanced part 2

now, i know i've made some snaps about coldplay over the past couple of weeks, but in attempt to be fair and balanced, i heard like 30 seconds of a new tune off of "x & y," and i thought it wasn't too bad. it was a bit of a rocker, but not like motley crue rocker, but like a journey rocker.

and finally, since yesterday's update was rather lengthy and i should've offered up the cliff's notes version of it instead, i'll be brief. i have yet to do the blog roll call (i.e., whatevs, the fiddle, trent steele, and thighs) and i fell asleep before i could catch jay leno's monologue, so this joke may or may not have been said last night, but on abc's "dancing with the stars," do you think that evander holyfield's dance partner got so mad at him when he stepped on her toes that she also bite his ear off?

i think i could get 20 bucks from jay leno for that.


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