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Jun 9, 2005

go your own way

it's been very long since we've posted a photo of rachel bilson on the old skeet shoot, simply because it's been a while since she's been out on the prowl. homegirl wasn't even at the premiere of her boyfriend's big movie. maybe she had a long day of doing take after take after take with zach braff in some movie and missed the big thing or here i am, about to paraphrase some depeche mode lyrics, so i don't want to start any potential blasphemous rumours, but perhaps not all is well with rachel bilson & adam brody. maybe she can't take all the death cab jawns or a bedroom floor littered with overpriced ironic tees or the pot. maybe, it's that adam brody is a closet tom leykis fan and he's constantly flashing his 'flash friday' bumper sticker in her face on like a tuesday morning and they're driving by a elementary school and he's all like, "come on, whip 'em out! whip 'em out" then he'll go on and quote chappelle and say, "i give those tits 4 thumbs down!" or something like, "i'm adam brody, bitch" then honks the horn like five times in a row, then probably, will ask his buddy in the back seat to get high with the five department a few times in a row.

i just think i'm working out my issues with adam brody here, so read destroy all celebrities until i work everything out.

as you know, i'm in summer school right now and in class, we're talking about plot devices, and characters, and yadda yadda yadda and we're referencing movies during the discussions and i'm just lost in these discussions. i saw wizard of oz once, i think, but i have no memorey of it. or they're talking about the rather awful gangs of new york and how great of a character bill the butcher was; bill the butcher was good because daniel day lewis is probably next to gary oldman is the best actor working right now (fuck your russell crowe, but daniel day lewis will time travel to research a part) and he was acting with gisele's boyfriend and directed by scorsese; it's not that hard to be charsimatic with that crew. and in my mind, the only character i'm thinking about is suzy banyon from suspiria. they're talking about shrek and i'm like, never saw it, but have you seen faces? that shit is amazing. so i'm struggling in class to catch up with the references; maybe i should hang out in blockbuster this weekend.


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