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Jun 15, 2005

going back to cali...

dude, not even the return of phil could bring the lake show back to the playoffs next season; even if there's a next season. lock out looming. but, i mean, power to the lakers and more importantly, more money to phil if he can make it happen. although, it should noted, i haven't really cared about a lakers team ever since chick hern passed away. i mean what insightful, new direction can phil take the team in? there's nobody on the team other than kobe; well, i take that back, there's lamar odom but it just felt like he wasn't there cause kobe wouldn't pass to him. sure, the crushing season that kobe just went through, undoubtledly humbled him to a degree, but he's still a jerk with a kinda killer wife that he doesn't apperciate. and you know, phil is only doing the damn thing cause the pillow talk with jeanie buss got to be rather annoyning; you know, the moment he decided to come back was basically like the moment when people like you and me decide to do something to be nice to somebody and get them off your back. "if i wear these pants out to dinner, it'll make her happy even though, i have a tank ass when i wear chords."

holy moly, was there even drama and excitement on the television last night. first off, there was the bench clearing near brawl between the anaheim angels & washington nationals, that was crazy. then at the same time, there was "blow out" and that creepy ad exec named, scott and his fights with jonathan, that was killer and i'm sorry, but i frankly can't trust nor work with a dude who tweezes his eye borrows down to thin little strips. then there was that trannie who wanted to be like pam anderson on "i want a famous face," once again, c-r-e-e-p-y! but to make the night even more exciting and intense, there was a tsunami warning for the california region. well, technically, from alaska down to mexico, had one giant tsunami warning last night. so like every twenty minutes or half hour, the national weather service intrupted all programing with that painful siren and the message that sounds like it was recorded in a toliet at the end of the earth. i mean, can't the national weather service switch to spirnt or whatever company that 'can you hear me now?' dude is from. they are saying important things, potentially life changing things, but it just sound as bad as somebody calling you from a tgifridays full of drunks on a friday night. and the alarm overpowers the audio of the show and you migh miss you good zingers; for example, i missed jonathan antin's french guy impression because i just had to hear about some tsnumai warning that was ultimately canceled like 15 minutes later. what a waster.

sidebar, there was an earthquake on sunday morning. it woke me up, but what was more of a nightmare, was the guy across the street, blasting out the eagles at 9 in the fucking morning. no time is a good time for the eagles. i'm gonna have my dog poop all over his lawn, hopefully spelling out, 'eagles suck'.

while some may say that it was rather rude and disrespectful to boo the governitor as he gave the commencement speech at santa monica college, i find the lack of things done by him since he's taken office to be even more disrespectful. i don't want to be too political, cause that's not my place to be political, but you know, i'm an american and i like to complain about things and do very little about changing the government other than complaining and saying, "people are fucking up" and "hey, i didn't vote for him". i mean, can somebody point out to me what exactly arnold has done since he's been in office? what sweeping changes has he made other than a bunch of commercials talking about how we, californians should join arnold and help save california, but the problem is what exactly are we going to do to save california? are we gonna help the schools? are we gonna figure out a way to keep big business in california or are we just gonna dick around and waste money with some special election in november. it's like luther said in the warriors, "for what?" for what reason did we have a re call? i bet you if gray davis was still in office, he'd be doing the same exact thing as arnold is now. fucking up and doing nothing. uf.

the chief idiot from oc idiots sent me an email the other day that said, "never hurts to have a nice ass photo these days" and dude was right.

this is what josh schwartz, creator of "the oc" should do, "arrested development" creator mitch hurwitz, the real savior of television comey, not ashton kutcher like some lamey critic said, will remain the showrunner of his own show. that is a man i admire to the fullest because he'll pass on getting more money for the studio to make sure he continues to crank out the best show on television. mitch hurwitz would never allow for his show to introduce a horrible character and kept her around for half a season, to only write her off and not even bring her back for her supposed dad's funeral. if it's possible could we get an inside the writer's office type of thing between mitch hurwitz and larry david. just the two of them talking about writing good characters and what not. it'd had more substance to it than james lipton talking to angelina jolie about her methods and techniques used in tomb raider.

are all georiga peaches like this one? cause if so, i may actually have to go through this plan to go out to the atl and visit my sister, but when she's at work, i'd just go to the varasity and holla at peaches like that all day long and maybe if i see him, i'd kick andre3000 in the nuts for ripping off kool keith and for basically breaking up outkast. fuck your "hey ma", give me "da art of storytellin' part 3" instead.

does anybody wonder if paul wall, the peoples champ, asked paul giamatti to cameo in his video for the single, "sittin sidewayz"? you know a nod to the nerdy rock kids who are down with screwed up music. how funny would it be to see paul giamatti in some caddy, wearing a giantic pink 'free pimp c' shirt, drinking a bottle of wine. hey, it's more inspired than a corny cameo by roy jones jr.

related, that paul wall & juelz santana song is pretty nice and does not feel forced. it's not a collabo because texas is blowing up right now, it feels natural, unlike when memphis bleek talks about screwed & chopped on that awful song that sounds like every other awful swizz beats beat.

further related, i think i'm going to propose a lecture to my professor for the following weeks entitled, "what a twist! how m. night shyamalan ruined the movies," but i'm slightly encouraged to hear that paul giamatti will be in his next film and chris doyle is the dp, if it's just a remake of splash

bound to be on my list of the top ten singles of 2005, "gold fronts" by a gun called tension. seriously, don't sleep on the album; it's kinda like a dub-ier version of tv on the radio.

speaking of, anybody else geeking out over tv on the radio's blog and the progress they're making on the new record. i wonder if bryan singer of blue tights dot net fame will make a cameo apperance in a bit of production blog synergy.

for those without a job or with the tivo, it should be noted that mtv's "date my mom" is back on the air and frankly, it's probably my favorite mtv dating show since "dismissed". while "date my mom" may lack the 'i like stuff and so do you' charm of "room raiders," it makes up for it with horrible music cues, awkward one liners and crazy mothers that'll just scary off any guy from dating the daugther for the next million years, if you, of course, follow the rule that the daugther will be what the mother looks like in 15 years theory. another thing about this show is that some of the moms are more interesting and cuter than their daugthers; it's sorta like that game, 'scene or just a mom,' you know when you see some girl driving by in a car and from afar, you think oh maybe she's hip, but it just turns out to be somebody's mom with dorothy hamill hair. highly recommend for those waiting for buses or walking the dog.

i was on hollywood blvd the other night, late at night. happened to see that there was an american apparel store on hollywood. now i want to know, if like i go in there, are my pants gonna burst into flames due to a babe overload? is it going to be so outta hand that i'm gonna need to walk over to the hooters next door to cool off cause all the women would be hot if i was in the seventh grade. i mean, all the women who work there or at least to the ones i've been to, just remind me of the girl in junior high that was the first to develop and had rather large boobs because at what 13, guys are somewhat stupid when it comes to what they look for in a woman and a big pair of boobies would be the most attractive thing. so it's like the guys who go there just never grew out of that phase or haven't gotten hip to the concept of a page 3 girl(nsfw).

related, if you gotta yelled and holla-ed at on sunday night by a couple of guys in a limo while in line for club beat it, that wasn't me, but i was inside, hollaring from afar. cause i saw a girl who deserved to be holla'red at, but i didn't want to be a cliche.

umm, that sleater-kinney record, "the woods" rocks rather hard. i think it probably rocks hard than that new foo fighters album (way too much promotion for the new foo album, guys. i honestly thought dave ghrol was gonna pop out of my toliet to tell he's got a new record out and how awesome it is), but here's my thing, the song, "entertain" is amazing and when i heard for the first time, the drums reminded me of those elusive indie rock strippers. you know, there are apparently, some girls out there in the scene that do the strippy dance thing or at least urban legend or word around the campfire also known as live journal updates that read, 'yeah, we went to this strip club and we met this stripper and she danced to muse and it was awesome.' i hear these tales, but yet i wonder do they never happen to me, but then again, how often am i in a strip club? but that's besides the point and i think i'll be missing the point of sleater-kinney's music with the next statement, but once again, i digress, the song, "entertain," should be used by these elusive indie rock lapdancers at the clubs. the drumming on that song was just made for ass shaking. so like, can some industrious gal make a video of herself dancing to that song or like some indie stripper myspace me if she dances to that song and she's in the greater southern california area. just don't tell the suicide girls about it because they'll use it in their show and won't be as interesting; can't explain why, but it just won't be interesting if a suicide girl dances to it.

and finally, i'm on my way to catch batman begins on the imax screen. it's going to be one of those events if i don't get there in enough time and get the right seat, the whole thing is gonna blow, but if the seat is right (bob barker style), then it'll be the best movie evs.


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