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Jun 4, 2005

here and now aka take 'em to church

i think kuci meghan said it best when she said the following two years ago, "thanks alot, kroq. i couldn't get into the interpol show..." then she went into this long rambling story about how she used to go to interpol shows at the troubadour and how nobody was there and it was so much cooler back then. honestly, the same exact statement could be applied to friday night's bloc party show at the el rey. thanks alot, kroq for playing bloc party and bringing goons out to the show.

now, i don't want to come up as a whiny hipster and undoubtledly there'll be some wiseinhemir who'll say that i'm in the commets, but who gives a fuck. here's the thing, when i go to a show, i like to dance. i like to stand in my spot and do my little jerky dances to the music. if i step on any toes, i do my best to apologize and if there's a shorter person behind me, i let them stand in front of me to get a better view. you know, i'm for everybody having a good time while at the show. yet's here's my problem, why do we, the people just standing there, doing our little dances, bopping our heads, what have yous, have to squeeze together like a pack of anchovies while a couple of bros just have to mosh. the floor in front of the stage at the el rey is incredibley small and basically, when somebody just has so much aggression and they just gotta shove somebody during a song like "so here we are," they dominate the whole entire floor and put people such as myself in a position where i have to be aware of flying sweat guys coming in directions. i don't want to be in that position; i don't need some fat guy with his stinky b.o. slamming into me; i already got my own b.o. problems going on, i don't need any more on my shirt.

i don't care how shitty your job is and how much you hate it, but don't take it out on me, mr. autobahn. i'm not your boss, i'm not your co-workers who goof on your bread, i'm just a dude whose trying to have a good time with friends. i understand how music can be catharic, but keep it to yourself. if you have stress and trauma in your life, buy porn and masterbate more frequently; smoke some pot, fucking drink more, see a shrink and get some anti-depressents; get in contact with tom cruise and hit up the e-meters at the scientology center, just don't take your bullshit out on me. dancing a bit more frantic during the faster numbers is understandable, but your behavior and actions are unexcusable when kele, the lead singer introduces the next couple of songs as, "the love set". okay, these are songs about love and aren't fast enough to warrant any moshing. and frankly, i assume that you'd be the type to brag about what you did, but congrats, you torn it up in a pit surrounded by a bunch of teenage girls and little weiner kids doing their little jerky dances.

i mean, haven't we moved past the point of moshing these days or this kroq effect? bloc party doesn't strike me as a moshing band, but slayer, yes. if that guy was a slayer show and moshed, of course, he'd probably get his ass served to him on a silver platter, but it fucking makes sense. and you just know that won't happen if it was a kcrw sponspored show.

also ever notice that kroq trots out rodney bingenheimer at the indie kroq sponspored shows? like you can't boo rodney because you know he's rodney and he's the man, but i mean if it was anybody, it'd just be a boo storm. imagine stryker coming out there, saying some mondo retardo thing, but i dunno, with that crowd, they would've probably ate that shit up like brownies fresh out of the oven.

as for the support bands, the less said, the better. while ollie of the oohlas is pretty out of hand, the music just reminded me of letters to cleo, so prepare to check 'em out on this generation's "melrose place," the oc. i mean, that's just me, but probably most people, they'd dig upon it. the problem of the oohlas is that their frontwoman has more charisma and charm than the rest of her band. you're tranfixed by her, but you could care less as to what she sings about. you're stoked because she's doing the chicken dance with a guitar against her back, that's so outta hand, like lisa bonet in high fidelity, just waiting to write a song about you style. like i'd probably see the oohlas again in concert, just to see what she's gonna do next. although, if some plucky promoter was smart, i'd book a show with the oohlas and the like; a very necessary hot off between la's two finest front women.

then there's kiss me deadly. i'm sorry, but these guys are just about as horrible as the jealous sound and they're from quebec; a providence full of people who don't realize that if they want to be french, they should move to france instead of trying an independent nation in canada. basically every song by kiss me deadly sounded exactly the same; the singer sounded like she was been stabbed and i honestly, want to say they didn't wear any shoes either. so you know, french canadian barefoot dance punk, which are 5 words i never want to write again.

as for bloc party, tune into the start of "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" week cause we got nice words for them.


At 6:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now do you regret not going to Coachella?


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