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Jun 16, 2005

i can't win

r kelly may pee on people, but dude can crank out the jams. how funny is "trapped in the closet chapters 1-3"? if you haven't heard, then go here. how genius is rhyming closet with closet?

these girls are probably singing to each other, "now he's openning the closet" and laughing really loud. you know when you're on a road trip with your buddies and now when that one song comes on the mixtape and you all sing along with and look at each other with goofy faces that make everybody bust up. this is that moment, but at a club and these girls are probably gonna ask the dj, "can you play that r kelly song about the closet?" then laugh as the dj is confused and says he's only got "feelin on your booty"

don't you hate it when djs only bring bad records to parties? wow house music! yeah, nobody dances to that. how about some juenville instead. although, i've experinced the flip side of that where the dj brought interesting records to the party but like after an hour, he started to play them all over again. so awful. maybe he left the rest of the collection in the closet.

i'm just wonderin' if this is a dude or a lady? you know androgeny, much like pizza pie is very big these days, but i'm sorta preplexed with this one.

man, i just hope that people dont get me and this douglas mixed up cause they're bound to be disappointed when i show up, talking about dario argento's opera and the hold steady for like 45 minutes when they just wanted some hot sax.

who knew about anne hathaway being sorta outta hand these days? what is she the living embodiment of death from above1979's cover of "luno"?

umm, batman begin: the imax version... first off, thought the film was gangbusters. probably on par with spiderman 2, but still not the best superhero film, it still remains x2. as for it being on the imax screen, holy shit the film looks amazing. i want to say the print of the film was a 70mm print, so it wasn't blown up to fit the size of an imax screen. now, i'm a junkie for digital projection, but i have to say that the imax was more clear and the colors looked better. most likely due to the size of the screen, you see things alot more clearly. i got distracted by how jacked up katie holmes' teeth are while watching the film. i couldn't help but notice christian bale's mole right next to his eyeball. you're watching the film and it's great, but at a drop of the hat, you're distracted by an odd strand of hair hanging down for katie holmes' head. in real life, its not a problem, but on a screen thats 8 stories tall, its just as bad as having a zit on the tip of your nose.

and finally, boys and ghouls, if you haven't noticed yet, your humble narrator is a bit depressed as of late, but not over the normal depression things. its not family things; its not relationship things, but its school things that have gotten me down. now i was never one to knock myself out in order to get a good grade. if i got a c, then i was stoked because i didn't really do much to get the grade. i like to compare the first phase of my academic to a line from the film, the limey, "i learned to skate at a young age". basically, i skated through things. but now in college and i've gotten good grades on things, i expect nothing less than an a for myself and if i get a b, i'm just utterly depressed. the paper i wrote on the film collateral got a 3.5 out of 4.0. not quite an a, but better than b. but it's like, if i had proof read the thing one more time and not listened to the suggestions of those in the peer editing groups, i would've probably gotten an a on the thing. but here i am now, kicking rocks down the street in utter frustration. and i wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for the sheer terror i went through during peer editing. you try reading a paper written in 10 pt font on a chris tucker movie with fragmented run on sentences on about 6 hours of sleep. if you thought a chris tucker movie was bad enough, wait until you read someone's insightful views onto the character chris tucker played and the overall theme of the film. it's exciting. i don't expect every body in class to be down with bunuel and bergman, but haven't we reached the point where we've moved past the chris tucker movies? uf. but then again, joel strummer once said, "i've been beat up, i've been thrown out but i'm not down, i'm not down."


At 9:41 AM , Blogger Ken said...

Did you see Jamie Chung's mugshot?


At 1:56 PM , Blogger Nick said...

Forget 1-3, 4 is maybe the best part yet, but five definately dissapoints. I personally am waiting for the sixteen minute dvd movie to accompany the cd!!!!


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