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Jun 17, 2005

loose stools

rachel bilson just cruised by to holla and say she's dating adam boredy (ew! who wears lime green unless they're on "miami vice"?) still and that zach braff has like the best stories. we just looked around and said, "i broke my chair the other night while writing a treatment. so i don't know if that meant it was an old chair or am getting too fat?" then we told her to listen to "ice hatchets" by the chromatics.

has anybody else notice that the mars volta's line up for their all tomorrows parties reads like the roster for gsl records? i know that omar co-owns the label and all, but come on, rock nepotism is for old farters and southern rockers.

related, new gogogo airheart record in september. those guys get the skeet of approvial. frankly, waiting is the toughest part.

seriously, if not's one thing in california, it's the other. last sunday morning, earthquake. tuesday, the goventor gets booed at a junior college, phil comes back to the lakers and then there's a tsunami threat all along the coast. wednesday, i don't remember anything that happen, too busy watching batman begins and then, yesterday, another earthquake. the weird thing about the earthquake was that the newscasters were joking around with the story. the moment of brevity went beyond the horse race announcer, anchormen were cracking jokes with reporters on the scene with the carefully worded statement following soon after, "oh we wouldn't be joking if there was serious damage. so us laughing is a good sign."

although, the weird thing that happened on wednesday could've been when i walked by these two vendor carts on my way to the movies and one was blasting out audioslave and the other was blasting out house music and together they made these musical shit sandwich known as an audioslave dance remix. seriously, chris cornell should quit the rock and make house music. his voice sounded half decent for a change. and why do these cart guys play like trance and house music? does it make them seem cutting edge and post modern? when it just makes them look they're stuck in the 90s and a guido.

i sincerely hope that somewhere in new jersey, there's a guy like me who writes phoney captions for the photos on nj guido. i mean, i can't really do it becaue, i'd just post a link and say, look and of course, i'd fear getting beaten up.

but then there are things like this happen when 'our' scene gets invade by sketchy guys. it's like i said to a girl a few years ago, "bros are gonna become scene cause thats where are all the cute girls are and check it out, right now. he wants to talk about dj irene while she's like, whispering "help me," but she's talking about how she likes the bravery.

i saw skeletor's daughter aka nyc tranny amanda loper look alike aka lindsay lohan on leno last night and i just thought one thing, why hasn't anybody made her a mixtape with coldplay's "fix you" on it? why hasn't that guy with the wacky hair that was on trent steel the other day, look over to her, pull down the sunglasses just a smidge and say: "lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you" i know chris martin can't do it because he's too busy trying to stamp out poverty, but can we get a sycophant or a yes person to the work for the greater good of the masses?

i was at the movies last week, to watch the slightly dreadful high tension (which was good when it was all the last house on the left style, but when it went the way it did, i was like, seeyalaterbye) and i was waiting for my friend to show up when i came up with the idea of a contest of sorts. i had thought of doing contests in the past, but due to the legality of it, i don't think it would've worked out. then it came to me, why not do a contest where somebody wins the chance to hang out with me. it's one thing to read about my social shortcomings, it's another to experince them live and direct. you know, come with me to the movies and feel weird as my friend shows up also wearing a mr. rogers sweater, so me and him are look like twins. come with me as i walk to my car when the gardeners rest on my front lawn during their lunch break and make me feel guilty about going to get some lunch. come and watch me break my chair and fall onto the floor while i do my homework. come with me to school on peer editing deal and give notes on other peoples' screenplays. listen to me talk about dario argento's opera and just how cool that part is when they shoot the woman in the head through the peep hole and tell you that they strapped dynamite to the side of her head. basically, i want you to come skeet with me.

i tend to repeat topics over again and again as well as my narrow point of view, but here's the thing, i can't get over andre3000. whatever happened to the dude who once said, "if you don't move yo' feet then i don't eat." i'll glandly trade eight million "hey ya"s or "roses" for a simple "elevators" any day of the week.

and finally, tonight is the blood brothers show at the el rey, which is sold out. if i was smart, i would've written the whole week about how i want to go to that show and is it possible to get on the guest list for that show. i assume people who write these things that have a great deal of readers could probably paralay it into some guest list spots for shows and what not. so i'm just wondering what exactly does one have to do to get on some guest lists here and there. now i'm not asking for like every single show, i'm just saying, like hey, i like the blood brothers, i consistently talk about the blood brothers and why can't i be on the guest list for a blood brothers show? sure, i don't know them nor am i related to their label in any fashion. the closet i'm connected to any of their labels is that i stood in front of steve aoki's dj booth at a bloc party show while i waited for annie to finish talking to him cause she was going to buy me some brews. that's about it. but it's like, you know, just maybe once, i'd like to get on the list of something. i'm sure i've been on lists before, bad students, etc. but you know, i want to be on the list where it'll get in the cool zone. can't somebody whose on the cool list shine some guiding light to that place.

actually, that wasn't my final thing. i got a snap or two left. if you see some stressed out kid at the rilo kiley show on sunday night, come up and say hi. i won't have much to say, but you know, it's the thought that counts. and secondly, happy fathers day to all of the dads out there. i have to get my father a extra good gift this year cause the dude is proof reading my mini treatment right about now. the mini treatment is gonna be weird cause i write about modern times and post modern girls and nerdy guys with noisey two piece rock n roll bands, but when it all be lost upon the professor who isn't with it? like my father, he'll get it. i called him up the other day and he started to doing a rountine about hiliary duff, so yeah, he's there, but the professor, i dunno. maybe i should print out photos from cobra snake and attach a mix tape of le shok and dfa79.


At 12:23 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Totally agree with trading Hey Ya for Elevators. Gimme Aquemini instead of The Love Below any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

At 11:21 PM , Blogger diane said...

werent we supposed to skeet over to amoeba sometime this summer?


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