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Jun 6, 2005

make believe

dude, who knew that rachel mcadams was pretty outta hand? when she was blonde, i thought she would've made for the perfect sue storm in fanastic four, but what do i know.

this is just a thought here and perhaps, more of a question, but do those steve aoki & cobra snake pool parties pop off and turn into good times during june gloom? i mean, i looked at the window on sunday afternoon and i felt like those kids from "cat in the hat," just waiting for something interesting to happen or like anybody that lives in seattle, cause i just assume that it's always june gloom up there and june gloom makes me dig out my smiths records. "frankly, mr shankly, i like it when i can wear shorts on the weekends and i want to go down in fashion victim history."

related to the smiths, i remember trying to impress this one girl who worked at one of those organic, natural food stores by talking about the smiths and what not, but she was like, "yeah, not really into them. my r.a. tried to get me to listen to them." then, some middle aged hippie lady was all like, "i love the smiths. i saw them in irvine at the meat is murder tour, it was awesome." so a reminder to my fellow dudes in the struggle, don't talk about the smiths in organic food stores because you'll get faces like this and like this followed by statements, 'i'm sorry, what did you say?

i have to say that positivity plus week got off to a rather rocky start this past weekend. i started my car and when i started to drive down the street, all i heard was the murderous sound of metal grinding against metal. me being the anixety riddled person that i am, immediately pulled over and attempted to see what the problem was. looked underneath the car to see if i was dragging something, nope. kicked the tires, all full. so yeah, i was just sketched out for most of the weekend. then like "the wolf," charles reinhardt came down and chilled some motherfuckers out. took the car to a repair spot, basically they could not find a problem with the brakes, which we all concluded could be the cause of the murder noises, but the weird thing was that, as the car went further and further down the road, the murder noises died its own death. then the repair guys say that the brakes were in really good shape. so this instilled a sense of confidence into me as i drove.

also learning that according to scientologists, "a relatively small proportion of a race, about 20 percent, possess antisocial characteristics. they cause trouble for the remaining 80 percent out of proportion to their number." made me feel better. honestly, i'm thinking of doing myspace profile using photos from the scientology handbook; example:

can somebody from threadless make a shirt out of scientology's stance on justification? that thing would be a best seller.

the real fubar further explores an increasingly popular obessession, mandy moore's junk in her trunk.

anybody going to the blood brothers show at the el rey on the 17th of june? i'd go but i'm still claiming 'danny glover' status when it comes to blood brothers shows; although, i'll holla when neon blonde tours.

anybody with nothing to do on the next couple of monday nights may be interested in checking out foreign born at spaceland. i'm sorta diggin' upon the mp3s they have on their site. like a synth heavy version of the walkmen. i'd go but it's a school night.

and finally, the bloc party show on friday night. hopefully you read the rest from the other day because i'm going to be focusing primarily on bloc party here. for me, while not completely blown away by bloc party, difficulties that were out of my hands and that of the band made me a bit distracting at times, but the fact is, they are the real deal. going into the show, i was a bit apprehesive about the whole thing; i thought that bloc party was going to go the way of franz ferdinand. when franz-mania hit the states back in march, i sorta stalked them while they were in la; went to two of the three shows (the free ones) and i was claiming that these guys were going to be the biggest thing in the world, but eventually, my admiration for the band pretty much went away. a couple of good songs that grew rather old quickly. i worried that bloc party was going to be good live, but eventually, i'd too grow tired of the stuff, but i can't explain it, bloc party is just a really great band who has just started to tap into their potential. you know, all these rock critics are talking about if coldplay will achieve that u2 status with their new album, but i think in a couple of years, those same critics are going to be speaking of bloc party in that same vein. if i was attempt to enjoy them within the confines of a goon squad and i danced my way out of the el rey, there has to be something to this band. if the rather jaded la crowd wanted a third encore, there has to be something to this band. just the next time they play la, can it be the wiltern or henry fonda please. give kids a chance to breathe.

word to the wise for those who read while at work, postings for this next week may not always be in the morning. going to work out the kinks of the summer school swedule and what not. yes, i'll be here, but it just might be in the afternoon or the later evening.


At 10:59 AM , Blogger spencer said...

holy shit i love the scientology handbook so much... wait, let me re-phrase that: the scientology handbook is strange and hilarious and the little reality-comic strips are the best thing ever.

thank you skeets.


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