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Jun 7, 2005

mountain get out of my way

for a minute now, i thought when juelz santana was talking about what the game had been missing, i thought he was refering to jonathan antin and his reality show, "blow out" because, i don't know if i speak for all of you, but i've missing the show a great deal. basically, jonathan antin is the real life version of warren beatty's character in shampoo but with more hissy fits. the cast of "blow out"'s anixety attacks or at least degree and magnitude of their anixety attacks make me look normal. so dudes, you have no excuse to at least tivo "blow out" for tonight.

juelz santana related, "santana's town pt. 2" is very nice as is the whole dip set memorial day mix tape, but how long do i have to wait for a legit hell rell full length? "get back" is about as hot as these girl; you know it's a close call. hell rell...sexy redhead...hell rell...sexy redhead...

frankly sir, you had at us at gravitas, you've got gravitas is quite simply the best blog name in a meanwhile. you just know its kiefer's favorite blog.

the mc ren/eazy e/ice cub/dr. dre/dj yella of all this business is back and now we can rest easily

michelle rodriguez who most likely can kick my ass is joining the cast of "lost" next season. so maybe, she's a survivor on the other side of the island or maybe she's gonna fill in the void most likely left by maggie grace since she's in the shit storm known as brett ratner's x3 and jetting between canada and hawaii is just gonna destroy her and she won't be as attractive, but then again, i thought she was all right, but then again, i'm a bit bisased towards blondes

so crazy right now, but not beyonce & jay-z steez. more like norman bates & his mother crazy style. i thought about breaking out the trent steel font and writing, "mid life crisis! it's fanastaic!" or "the best kind of publicists can get ya laid," you know things of that nature. i wonder who else was on the list of women for tom cruise to pretend to date. did they hammer it out in an conference room one day over some double-doubles from in-n-out. they're probably throwing out names like mischa barton and brittany murphy, but they just probably went with the most asexual one.

anybody want to join in my class action lawsuit against cedric the entertainer for false advertisement? i've never been enertained by the dude, so his name is lie and i want my money back. or will i have to have seen a film of his in order to get my money back? i saw him on steve harvery but that doen't count too much in my book cause steve harvery is cool.

and if i've made this joke before, then i've achieved my goal of being a broken record. that's my sole aspiration in life, to become a broken record.

and so this week marks the start of summer school, also known as craming 16 weeks of material into little over a month's time. i can safely right now that this summer school will not compare to my last summer school experince in which i witnessed the previously mentioned diss fest where people were called black eyed peas fans as well as seeing or at least i thought i saw one of my high school's popular girls in her underwear on my way to school, making a class watch a bit of magic johnson's talk show and i did not necessarily do it, it was the actions of the kids i hung with at snack breaks, but i think they set something on fire. there's no way that sitting in a class, watching a video where joseph campbell talks about star wars and religion can compare to those high school antics of before. if anything, summer school is just a reflection of what could be. i could be sleeping. i could be at the beach. i could be at a summer job. i could be at a taping of "the price is right." i could be at amoeba music, etc. in my case, i'm in summer school to speed up the graduation process, yet there's a stigma about summer school that somewhere down the line you fucked up during the prior semester and basically, it's the human version of white out; an attempt to correct and remove the mistakes of the past. so there's a quiet vibe about summer school. not a lot of conversations or at least, maybe people just don't want to talk to me. i can understand, i tend to sweat.

but you see, on the first day, i also had more problems going on other than sweating; if you've been a long and i really mean a long time reader, then you may remember this incident, but if you're not, i'll cliff note you through it because it happened to me again. so i go to use the bathroom before class starts and i start to unbutton my shorts and the button breaks off and falls out to the floor. seeing that has happened to me before with the same exact pair of shorts (volcom needs to make stronger buttons), i take part of my keychain and looped it through the missing button slot to hold up my shorts, just in case, we got outta hand girl in the class but i have yet to see an outta hand girl in a writing class of mine. i hear outta girls talk about story structure and their treatments about maintaining relationships in the record industry, but i've never layed my eyes on such a thing, which i think is a good thing. if some girl is outta hand, you know i can't give her a bad peer review, if anything i'll defend her thing in class disscussion. yeah, i'll tell the guy who smells bad that his story makes no sense, but if you look like ashlee simpson and your treatment is manos: the hands of fate part 2, i'll call it the best thing since the godfather part 2.

hey, if you don't pick up the new coldplay album, gwyneth patrlow will make more horrible movies. so if you love tear jerkers like bounce and sylvia and knee slappers like view from a top, then skip chris martin and go straight over to jack white cause you know, he's got a mouth to feed with that wifey of his.

and can somebody please text me if the michael jackson verdict comes while i'm at school? i figure it'll be the end of the week. the jury wants to get more green


At 2:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never seen this blow out show, but i do remember that jonathan antin guy from the first season of da ali g. dude has a way with words.


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