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Jun 2, 2005

round and round

not by my design, choice or game plan, maybe perhaps by the design of a malicious stylist, never the less, your humble narrator has entered the world of the ironic rat tail. i don't know if i can handle the presure of making a statement with my hair. my eyeborrows aren't thin enough to do so.

just jared is perhaps the bestest blog out there since pink is the new blog. it's got good pictures, it's not long winded like your humble narrator gets to be from time to time and has correct spelling and proper puncation. what more could you want out of a blog?

yeah, vanessa manillo is outta hand and one of the fun aspects of tuning into "trl" during the summer time is the short shorts and skirts, but i mean, quddus has got to go. he's got the goofy dom delusie hat on, his ugly feet exposed with the unnecessary flip flops and what the fuck is going on with that expression? dude is taking the dom delusie hat thing to heart: i swear i saw a similar face in cannonball run bloopers. seriously, they should partner quddus with burt and see how many takes they actually can get through.

is it me or does it seem that new york is still really into fischerspooner after looking at last night's party? where as the cobra snake just makes la look like its full of cute drunks. although, it should be noted, that nyc probably has their fair share of cute drunks and la has their people who are still really into fischerspooner and the whole electro-clash thig, but i think everybody, regardless of your hometown agrees that "separation sunday" by the hold steady is awesome.

the hold steady will be at the troubadour on june 13th with u.s.e. and in hell diego at the casbah on the 14th. if you go, tell u.s.e. that they should quit makin' records for adults and make records for the romper room set. they shouldn't be trying to get jaded kids to dance, they should be teaching kids how to spell and right from wrong. four year olds would be freaking out over that shit like goofy white guys freak out over new dip set mix tapes. it'd be like pancake mountain, but you know, just the same band every week.

anybody else surprised to see that crunk & b artist, brooke valentine's favorite movie is todd solondz's welcome to the dollhouse on "cribs," the other night? frankly, i'm just gland nobody said scarface for once.

we approve of matthew vaughn exited as the director of x3. i sat through layer caker and i was just dumb founded that fox wanted him to direct their biggest non george lucas related franchise picture. i mean, that movie made no sense to me and just dragged on and on on and on and on and on until it just fizzled out. even senior citizens walked out of it and they never walk out of anything. although, we do not approve brett ratner as the potential replacement director, although, the thought of a cameo by robert evens as an x-men would be sorta neat.

apple of the black eyed peas used to do speed, but still doesn't explain why the band sucks. i was in high school at the time, summer school to be specific, and this was at the time of "joints & jam" and there were these two dudes who were dissing each other back and forth and their whole argument was centered around calling each other, 'a black eyed pea fan'. they were like, "nah dude, your favorite group is the black eyed peas" then they would start laughing their heads off. so i mean like right from the get go, people weren't down with the peas and will continue to not be down with the peas even if a broke ass butterface version of carmen electra sings all the hooks and wears booty shorts in the videos

while on the topic of hip hop, slightly, sorta, how good is "be" by common? it feels like grown folks hip hop; for me, if jay was still rappin', i think he would be doing something similar. "go" is a great song and i'm a bit weirded out that i'm humming a john mayer tune in my head. does anybody think the grown folks vibe of common has rubbed off on kanye's next album or are we gonna get more uninspired skits that would be funny if we were bffs with kanye.

why is bravo holding out on us? while next tuesday is the start of blow out: season 2, but we got to wait until the end of the month for being bobby brown. i dunno if i can wait. free bobby brown!

not sure if y'all are as fanatical over mtv's "made" as i am, but if you are, then you certainly remember shonna, the girl who tried to run for class president and lost because nobody likes her. well here's her myspace profile. now only make note of this, simply for this photo; seriously, people will do anything to be liked by the masses.

y'all never mind me, i'm going through an alexis bledel phase right about now. it's hard to explain while she may not have that jessica alba winkle [via the real fubar] and maybe, it's the moments when i flip by her show and i just assume that she's really into brian eno like her character is. i mean, it's hard to explain.

perhaps the most interesting aspect of abc's dancing with the stars is the band and the guys singing the songs for the people to dance to. while i did not watch the whole length (tuned out to watch a documentary on steve mcqueen), the first couple that came out to dance, joey mac for new kids danced to this horrideous version of "crazy in love" and some male singer was doing the jay-z parts, but he said it without any enthunasim at all. i did not believe that it was in fact, so crazy right now. it felt like it was luke warm right now. the singing on "crazy in love" was like coors light. you know, if you want a beer, get a heineken or whatevs, don't drink piss in a silver can.


At 9:56 AM , Blogger j4r3d said...

"proper puncation"


And I love YOU, Skeet.

At 12:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. when do we get to see the new do?
2. wtf? welcome to the dollhouse? i'm disturbed that i have something in common with brooke valentine.
3. no robert evans cameo would ever validate brett fucking ratner as a director of x-men. don't even think it or it might come true.
4. who gave john mayer his ghetto-pass? i refuse to believe a white dude came up with the hook for "go"
5. i'd go gay for alexis bledel, but only if she pretended to be rory gilmore 24/7
6. excellent post douglas...

At 11:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, you watch TRL? Get a job.


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