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Jun 21, 2005

sittin' sidewayz

can somebody please tell tom cruise or at least remind him of seven important words he once said, "respect the c--k and tame the c--t." frank tj mackey must be so fucking embarrassed right about now. if you're either one of these people who go to movie premieres to scream at celebrities or know somebody who does do that, let me know, cause i want to be the person they call so tom cruise can talk to them at the la war of the worlds premiere. i'd just say, "respect the c--k, tom. respect the c--k." he'll probably call me a 'jerk' and tell that person they have horrible taste in friends and i'm a 2.0 on the tone scale.

although, if tom cruise is still in the uk, can dude pick up a copy of that kano album for me. i'm good for the money and i'll make a mix cd as well. hope he's into slayer and david banner.

seriously though, does anybody know if that kano album is going to get north american distrubtion? probably through vice, right? i would just say don't necessarily market this record just to the cool kids; to either quote or paraphrase somebody else who said this before and undoubtleldy knows more about rap music than i do, but anyways, put kano on some mixtapes, have him freestyle with paul wall and hell rell over like "diamonds from sierra leone". it'd be redonklicous.

back to tom cruise a minute, i know i'm a bit late, but why are the media making so a big deal out of the squirt gun incident when leonardo dicaprio got hit in the head with a beer bottle by some crazy lady? that's more serious and scary than a bit of water. and here's the weird thing, as of right now, dicaprio has yet to press charges on the lady. so let's took at minute, i may believe dicaprio has ruined scorsese for me, but at least homebody isn't all in my grill about his love for gisele and not pressing charges against a woman who smashed a bottle on his face that required 12 stiches. 12 stiches, no charges. water gun, charges are going to be made.

anybody know if me and you and everybody we know is going to be worth the time and money or just another napoleon bonerpart? i don't want to wast my money on some movie where everybody but me is laughing and adding it on their favorite section on myspace.

i was gonna make a joke about cassidy being a phoney gangsta rapper, but i guess i was wrong. i still believe that he's a horrible rapper and nobody will rock a "free cassidy" shirt. free pimp c, though.

is it me or doesn't jonathan antin's sister & pussycat dolls creator, robin antin look exactly like her brother, cept in garter belts and feathered boas. wonder if she has also that overtly pretenious and overly dramatic vibe as well.

related; that one girl who is in the pussycat dolls, the pop group that was in eden's crush, the pretend pop group for a million years ago, is still kinda nice, but the same can't be said about former eden's crusher & former seacrest sidekick & tv guide channel personality, rosanna tavarez (she should've kept her hair short or maybe grew some bangs.)

anybody going to arthur fest? tickets are on sale this tuesday. i'd go, but you know, labor day weekend and you know, just the constant shift from extremely noisy rock like sonic youth then like somebody like six organs of admittance comes on and you have to walk directly up to the speaker to anything, since you know, dude is really quiet. well that statement should be flipped around, first you listen to six organs of admittance, then you get your ear drums destroyed by sonic youth. but, hey maybe, marc jacobs will be there since he outfits thurston moore or at least in that one photo he did.

related: i don't get arthur magazine. can somebody explain it to me? is it like the 'urb' of the neon hippy, electronic psych folk noise rock movement?

for those who may have not already seen photos or heard stories from 14 year old girl on livejournal about debbie gibson's cameo during rilo kiley's show at the wiltern last sunday night, click here. the weird thing about it was i don't think anybody knew who it was until she started to sing, but even then, it was a bit iffy. when debbie gibson was introduced by jenny lewis, i just assumed she was one of the many friends of the bands. maybe, it's cause i see rilo kiley on their home court, so there's that advantage. but, i'm getting a bit ahead of myself. let's rewind a bit and go blow by blow, if you will.

the thing about rilo kiley shows is a great live band, but the rub is the audience. once again, it probably has to do with the band's home court advantage, but alot of the kids, the die hard rilo kiley fans just have no respect for support bands. me and my friends were trying to listen to fiest and they could not shut up. just yammering away. well, it should be noted that the core fan base of rilo kiley or at least for this show, looked like some local high school's grad night. as i walked to get on line, i shouted, "woohooo! class of '05!" but nobody seemed down or willing to party. i thought high schoolers were stoked to be graduating. personally, i didn't care when i graduated high school cause at that point, my greatest accomplishment still remained graduating elementary school (and still does to this day). so there's overwhelming "oh my gawd! it's like my first real show evs and oh my god i love jenny lewis so much." i think jenny lewis has reached that point where she can be mentioned in the same breathe of people like stevie nicks and gwen stefani. not because she's a powerful and amazing front woman, but because a high percentage of the female audience dress like her. and these jennyities consistently scream out for "glendora" after every single song. okay, we've all been to our fair share of rilo kiley shows over the past couple of years and they haven't done "glendora" once, so what makes you believe that they'll change their mind just this one time because you scream loud enough to be heard by blake and walks over to jenny and says, "hey, it seems like they want to hear 'glendora' and we haven't done in 3 years and we've explain countless times why we don't do it anymore, but you know since that girl in the second section over there on the left whose being taking horrible photos on her digital camera all night long, asked for it, so we're gonna give it to her."

let's just get it out there, they won't do "glendora," so can we please move on? can we please stop all the cat calls for it? and this includes "the frug". i'd love to hear "the frug" too, but you know what? me and you and everybody else at the show weren't cool enough to be at the shows at spaceland back in the day. if you must hear "glendora" at a rilo kiley show, burn it onto a cd and listen to it either before or after a show. do a little parking lot party and dance around "glendora" while eating vegean hot dogs.

and another thing, the whole high school aspect of the crowd, is that at one point or another during the show, i thought i was going to be arrested. everybody on the floor are smooshed together and these tiny, pushy jail bait girls just shove their way up to the front. i had to stick my arms up in the air as if i was being arrested by the police, just to avoid any awkward brush ups.

now, it may seem like i don't like rilo kiley. that's not true. i love rilo kiley, it's just that i hate their die hard fans. seriously, they need to ease back on the digital camera action, too. you don't know how many out of focus, blurry photos i had to see last night on lcd screens. turn down the flash, kids or if you want to take photos, get up closer.

feist was one of the support bands. she was outta hand because it was just her, a guitar and a bunch of pedals. you really got to hear her voice and realize how amazing it is. i dunno if this babe of the week has created a monster, but i was sorta weirded when i heard these high school kids in front say that feist was so hot. i don't know but that was sorta creepy. yeah, feist is attractive, but the thing about feist and seeing her in person, she just reminded me of a cool writing/english teacher. like she reminded me of this writing teacher i had who let me miss the final so i could see death from above1979, but only if she was hot. a friend of mine tells me about her writing teacher who trades mix tapes with students and has copies of like devandra banhart albums in the office to hand out to the students. i think the teacher is a guy, but in mind, it's feist.

and finally, saw kirsten dunst at the rilo kiley show. it should be noted, that i once before met kirsten dunst at another show and talked to her about spider man & the virgin suicides (she wasn't too hot on the spider), but this was a few years ago. and i guess, one could say the kirsten dunst i talked to that night was the 'classic' kirsten dunst. you know the long hair and the somewhat healthy apperance and perhaps most importantly, she seemed happy and upbeat. i mean, she even pogo'ed during the show.

flash forward to sunday night, like around 7:15-7:30ish, the rather long line of graduating seniors from calabassas high was slowly moving in, when all of a sudden, a rather incoginto kirsten dunst walking extremely quickly heads to the back of the line. no, i'm on the list entertance at the up front. no, i'm in spider man or i'm kirsten dunst, so let me in style of attitude. she just went to the back of the line with her friend and it wasn't the hot brunette who wore the booty shorts on that awful episode of "punk'd" (is she on myspace? and does anybody know her name as well? she should be babe of the week). shades on, eyes sorta focused on the ground in an attempt to not attract attention. she was giving off the vibe of "oh that girl looks like kirsten dunst". like looks wise, kirsten dunst just seemed sketchy and exhausted. either, she's on the cocaine rodeo circuit or sofia coppola in one tasking director and took alot out of her during that french movie. but, just homegirl seemed sketchy and probably not up for a conversation about bring it on.

although, i'll say this, during the opening band, the brunette's set, kirsten dunst was there watching and apparently a mere two feet away from robin brown and his gal pal. i would've taken a photo, but they stopped me. so send all of your complaints to them.

and before, i go, i just wanted to snap off on one last thing. as we all know, it seems like the program director of indie103 gives washed up rockers their own show, so he could have famous friends. now with the addition of suicide girls radio on sunday nights (12-2am), one has to wonder did the program director have the show to get into the pants of some suicide girls? although, i defy you to listen to more than 10 minutes of their radio show. could've been an off night, but their show had to have been one of the most boringest i ever heard on the radio and i've heard paul harvey a few times. in a way, it reminded me of this one don't from the vice book of dos & donts, it was a picture of some outta hand hip hop girl and the caption read: "sex is 20 minutes. hearing her talk about the black eyed peas for three hours is a thousand years." (pg 77, if you got the book) the two girls talking back and forth about bad pick up lines and open relationships felt like a lifetime. and the people who call in, are guys who are probably whacking it to photos while they're on the phone. there's just a lot of heavy breathing and dead air. even if they're gonna play a bunch of bands that are their upcoming dvds, play more records cause you're boring. look at rodney on the roq, he talks really slow and rambles on, but after he rambles, he'll play about 20 minutes of music, then come back for 5 minutes and say shit is 'god head'. you know, suicide girls talk for a couple of minutes, then play a bunch of music you guys like or at least one of you get drunk, so somebody is funny.


At 12:08 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I hate pranksters and prank shows. I hope the Tom Cruise guys get executed. They're worthless. Seriously, has anyone with a sense of humor genuinly laughed at a prank? Outside of "You should have totally seen your face."

At 9:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hot brunette friend of Kirsten--probably Liat Baruch. She's a scenester and seems kind of stuck-up to me based on her involvment with cluballah.

See cluballah.com for more info.


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