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Jun 22, 2005

typical me

so i was watching tv the other night and they said that skeletor's daugther aka lindsay lohan was dating the dude from elefant? remember them? me either, but what i do remember about them and their lead singer, diego was this wonderful interview he did with burning angel( a bit nsfw). so please pull quotes and make your own conclusions about lilo and diego's relationship.

can anybody confirm that the track with m.i.a. & vybez cartel on that new missy elliott record is produced by either diplo or timbaland? bueller?

i wish i had more to say, but boys and ghouls, i've been running on empty the past coupla days and probably will be for the next few weeks as well. too many things, too many things, too many things.

although, i can say this, i tried real hard, ringo to hang with the new season of the real world and i was out after about 5 minutes. it's been said before, but it just seems like they're casting these shows strictly with the road rules/real world challenge in their mind. most of them kids would probably be killer in a rv, but in a house with a bunch of other strangers, boring. look at real world: san diego, that was amazing. you had jamie chung and you had brad & randy and you had cameron punching people in the balls and you had frankie in the bathroom cutting herself and you had jacquesse in that ugly green shirt that had jeans with matching green washed out spots. you know, those kids were amazing. boom bazooka joe! what are these kids? a bunch of third rate abhrams and mormon julies.

but with these austin kids, it's like i'm feeling peer pressure to think johanna is like the most outta control girl in the history of the real world. yeah, she's cute, but i mean, come on, the bar has been set and probably won't be touch for a while, holla at jamie chung. but johanna is on par with that one girl from real world paris with the fake boobies. she's cute, but she's not outta control, she isn't even outta hand. this is outta hand and that's outta control.


At 5:44 AM , Blogger Ken said...

I always hate the Real World cast on the first episode. It took me until Brad and Randy dressed up as Mario and Luigi to warm up to them. The Philly cast still sucks though Landon has helped his cause by leaving his Prodigy haircut.

At 7:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent some bird a myspace email that was like "as douglas reinhardt would say, you are outta control" and then I referenced this blog.

I did not get a reply.

At 11:16 AM , Blogger Dan said...

You probably already saw this, but from Pitchfork this morning (http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/05-06/22.shtml):
"M.I.A.'s poppin' up all over the place. She's rumored to be on Kanye's upcoming Late Registration, but while we're waiting for that album to be finished, we've got news that's equally, if not more, exciting: M.I.A. has a guest spot on the last track of the new Missy Elliott joint, The Cookbook. The cut, "Bad Man", also features Vybz Cartel and was produced by Missy herself."

So there ya go. No Timbo or Diplo, unfortunately.

At 12:13 PM , Anonymous Mayfield said...

This has nothing to do with your blog, but you seam like the type of goon who would appreciate the hilarity of a professional cheerleaders blog.



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