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Jun 29, 2005

your little hood rat friend

mtv has most likely a horrible audio quality verson of the new missy record, here. i'd say something but i couldn't hear anything cause mtv hates macs or whatever. i'm already requesting a diplo remix.

speaking of diplo, anybody else diggin' upon "reload" from kano's new album? i emailed 679 recording a week ago about kano's album in the states and they didn't write me back. i mean, can't they say, yeah, it's in august and it'll be on vice/atlantic and if you're nyc, check out the show with kano & diplo at the knitting factory, it's going to be like a mint chip ice cream sandwich.

i don't know what kind of super secret project that p diddy and p cruz are working on together, but color me interested and if it' an album, no better cover than this one; they could call the album, "mind your own business" and include a cover of delta5's "mind your own business," but you know sample the chicks on speed version of it. or at least, i hope that p and p aren't working on a top secret project similar to the one i'm working on with my friend, mark; cause you know, we'd be shit out of luck there. although, i can safely say that they're definately doing meetings in better locations than the dinning veranda at the shops at mission viejo.

sorry lake show, this kid isn't going to be a shaq replacement, but the dude will look might cool riding the pine and waving the towel if (key word), if you make it to the playoffs. i still can't wrap my head around the concept of drafting kids out of high school. sure, people like lebron james have proven this theory of drafting kids out of high school works, but i mean, how can you tell if some kid can hang in the paint with some 28 year old dude whose been doing it for 5 years and some change. its one thing to dominat in high school, it's another to bang boards with cats like ben wallace. you know tim, the center from the arch rival high school just doesn't hold a candle to somebody like that. seriously, andrew bynum is the second coming of oliver miller. just wait, give him two seasons, and he craps out.

a friend of mine just shot me a note about a show in san diego next week. first off, we have moving units a band i once stalked as the headliners, then we got the ultra cute the like and there's san diego's prodigal sons, the plot to blow up the eiffel tower. what a line up only because it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. you have moving units with that jingle jaggly rock n roll that gets the kids in tight sweats and too much foundation on dancing, then there's the like who should be on tour with rilo kiley or like tilly and the wall and the plot, well, the plot will go into the audience, pull peoples' pants off and blow something up on stage like jesus makes the shotgun sound did that one night at the glasshouse.

i don't understand why everybody thinks that morgan spurlock is this great, insightful muck racker. ooh, he ate mcdonalds for a month. oooh, he has a show where a dumb white guy lives with a muslim family for a month. doesn't anybody else remember that morgan spurlock used to host the show, "i bet you will" on mtv? doesn't anybody else remember when he would be on the sally jesse raphel show showing clips of people in time square drinking whole jars of mustard for like 50 bucks? i mean yeah, everybody's gotta start somewhere, but you know, i just can't believe a guy who encouraged people to eat hairpies for 10 bucks that mcdonalds is an evil corporation. or maybe it's cause he wore a cowboy hat with a shevleless shirt that just makes me not want to believe in him. cause you know, i'm a shevlist.

speaking of things i don't believe in, senor spielbergo's war of the worlds has tom cruise as a self absored blue collar type of guy. the self absored stuff i buy into, the dude is an ego monster, sex monster steez, but the problem is the costume design of the film. from what i've seen of the film via the trailers, it looks like tom cruise's character is a docker worker, but unless there's a bit of backstory that explains tom cruise's character was recently made over by the queer eye guys, then i ain't having any part of this movie. sure, metrosexuality has come and gone as a buzzword, but i believe it never ever became a buzzword amongst the proud longshore men of america. sure, if the character was completely self obssessed ad guy like that creepy eye borrow guy on "blow out" (btw, excellent episode last night), then yeah, i'm with ya, but you know if he's just an average joe, then put him in a pair of levis from mervyns and a beat up leather jacket from the 80s and like a flannel shirt. that's blue collar; not some zippy leather racing jacket you'd see in a justin timberlake video.

anybody else watch "dancing with the stars" and get distracted by how tiny kelly monacco is?

seriously, all of this is just window dressing until being bobby brown is on thursday night.


At 7:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post.

High school b-ball players fall flat, but then you have the Kobe's, KG, Jermaine, Lebron and others that pave the way.

There is something addictive about Blow Out. I like to drink to every time he says he's all about hair.

At 12:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doug, wondering if you'd care to opine on this whole Beauty and the Geek thing. That girl Mindi has sort of got a Rachel Bilson thing going on.

At 3:48 PM , Blogger Ian said...

You'll love this if you have any interest in Bynum.

As for Spurlock, it's a good thing educated, wealthy white people are the only ones viewing his shows which decry corporations that mostly affect poor folks. I'm sure there were a lot of people in Madison, WI who changed their dietary habits after seeing "Super Size Me."

At 8:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere that P-Diddy is using Penelope as the new face of his clothing line.


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