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Jul 19, 2005

the conclusion of our thrilling saga

in case, anybody actually cared...

the electrician came. fixed the thing.

after that, i went to the mall, bought federline style shorts and had a conversation with somebody about the tv show, "laguna beach". maybe it's just if you live out here thing, but depending on where you buy it, you may hear a story from the person behind the register about how they went to high school with those kids.

usually, it's all negative. they were stupid in high school, so i assumed that their show was just as stupid.

the weird thing, i would've pretended to be their friend in high school, just so i could get on tv and hang out with like lindsay lohan and get free drinks from myspace groupies.

but whatevs.

did y'all see that uncle grambo is back for a bit? how good is that?

and how good is that pt anderson is ghost directing the new altman film [via goldenfiddle]. let's just hope that is the step in the right direction for my man, pt anderson. first, he's ghost directing, then maybe, hopefully, he's off the cocaine rodeo, then maybe, he's donzo with fiona apple, then maybe, just maybe, he'll make that period piece film with daniel day lewis. seriously, what the film world needs more than anything is a new paul thomas anderson film. it's good we're getting a new cameron crowe film, but we sure could use a paul thomas anderson one.


At 9:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo, wait a minute i'm comfused isn't he already donzo w/apple?


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