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Jul 27, 2005

confessions of a scoundrel

i never thought i would get to this point, but people, i'm actually missing school. for some reason, i'd rather be stuck on the 57 freeway instead of being at home watching p.t.i. and around the horn. you know instead of spending my day watching new movies, i'd rather sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair and watch citizen kane again in all of its overrated glory. i don't know why but i guess my father said it best when he said i needed to be back on the grind.

i'm getting lazy and spending far too much monkeying around with bit torrents, looking for episodes of arrested development. i'm mispelling things left and right. run on sentences. well, wait, that's always been there, but you know, now i have an excuse. it's just like i need some sort of structure in my life in order to be successful.

instead of being a personal assitant, maybe i need a personal assitant. could they instill a sense of structure to my life other than waking up in time to hear the news on howard stern each morning?

saw hustle & flow the other day; terrance howard is great, but the thing felt like a lifetime movie to me. i don't know why but it just felt like a tv movie. you know, after every real big dramatic moment in the film, it fades out.

i will say this though, terrance howard is more believable as a rapper than 50 in his movie.

btw, have you seen trailer for 50's movie yet? i've seen it two days in a row and i can't help wonder what jim sherdian's mylanta bill looks like? or was dude blinded by the paycheck?

i just can't see how jim sherdian went from such a good film like in america to directing a scene like this. i apperciate the need to cash in and get a paycheck, but it just doesn't feel right.

i'm just wondering if ricky gervais is gonna do a movie about dizzee rascal.

speaking of ricky gervais, anybody seen extras? i heard it's not as good as "the office," but i think when they do the american remake of the series, they should only try to get one person to be the american version of ricky gervais and that person is bill murray. i don't think he'll be afforable for tv, but i think he's the only other actor out there that could do justice to a gervais/merchant created character or at least, they should an episode for him to do.

just think about it for a minute.

and if you couldn't tell, jessica biel can't dance.

i'm going up to seattle for the weekend. nothing major, just a wedding. but i was wondering if there any cool spots i should hit up while i'm there. i assume that the house where the blood brothers live is a historical landmark or at least, i'll be able to run into andrea from pretty girls make graves while i'm in town, right. you thought i was gonna make a bunch of nirvana jokes there.


At 12:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wall of Sound records in Seattle is worth your time. Small, obscure handpicked selection. Everything is great, and if you ask for reccomendations, you'll get something awesome that you've never heard of and probably cannot find anywhere on the internet.


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